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Angela's menu thread for 9-17-08

I hope today is less crazy for Angie. Hang in there - we are pulling for you! :)

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Squash sandwich on lite wheat bread, cottage cheese

D: No idea - we are going out. If we go to this deli that Scott likes, I will get a turkey pita with lettuce and tomato, and no sauce. I think they have chips too, which I will only get if they have the baked ones. The pita sandwich will probably be enough for me.

treat: WW cookie dough sundae and toppings

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-17-08

This is one of those days that I have to practice what I preach "be prepared, take food with you". I have to leave the house before noon so need to take lunch with me. I have to work an hour from home until 5:30 so will need to take something I can eat in the car for supper. Don't know what that is yet. It's time to start carrying Fiber 1 bars in my purse for emergencies. I'll have lots of days like this in the next 3 months so need to get some standard meals planned that I can pack and grab. This is the time when Core is harder than flex.

I did make oatmeal for breakfast.


Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-17-08

Breakfast - protein bar (OK, these are getting old)

Lunch - Turkey wrap with wedge of laughing cow cheese and lots of lettuce. 1 c. grapes.

Snack - Chex Bar

Dinner - Tacos (homemade) with lettuce and 2% shredded cheese. Side of FF refried beans.

Snack - Vita Brownie or Popcorn

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-17-08

Here is today for me.

Breakfast - Fiber One/Shredded Wheat, banana, skim

Snack - Pineapple

Lunch - Escarole Soup, skim milk, melba toast, WW
chocolate chip cookie

Snack - Melba toast, soy Swiss cheese slice

Supper - Roasted turkey breast, broccoli, baked sweet
potato, skim milk, Blue Bunny ice cream bar

The Escarole Soup is a WW recipe. I used brown rice instead of white and made it Core that way.

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-17-08

Nellie - would you share your soup recipe - I like escarole sounds good.

B: 100 cal english muffin (thomas' - haven't seen the Fiber One muffins yet but I will look for them -thanks for the tip Tobe) (1 pt)
hard boiled egg (2 pts)
coffee with sf/ff creamer and skim milk (1 pt)

L: big salad with homemade balsamic vinegar dressing (2 pts) with roasted chicken on it (4 pts) and lots of other free veggies
bag of glenny's soy chips bbq flavor (2 pts)

D: never had the chicken kabobs last night so will make them tonight (5 pts)
brown rice (2 pts)

dessert: I bought the WW p-nut butter cup sundae - didn't have that last night either so I plan on it for tonight (3 pts) with a dollop of ff cool whip (1 pt - I know it is supposed to be free but I like a big dollop :)


Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-17-08

Thought I'd show Angie what I did for two meals on the road today.
Lunch after the gym- Cottage cheese with a small pouch of salmon mixed in and an apple
Snack- popcorn that I popped before leaving home
Supper- Fried egg sandwich on Arnolds Sandwich Thins. Carrots and grapes.
Had everything in a cooler bag. Had 2 bottles of water.