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Daily commitment thread 9-18-08

Good morning ladies. The weekend is almost here...

Quite a few check-ins yesterday and it seems that everyone is doing well staying OP. That is wonderful news!!! Here is hoping that today goes the same.

No running around for me today. I got it done yesterday. I will plan to get things done around here and take a bike ride.

Scott's dad seems to be doing well. We are still getting all the information together to apply for nursing home medicaid, so if he needs it, we have that option. We hope to not need it, but I don't think that is realistic at all. :(

What is everyone else up to today?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-18-08

I am OP with you again today. Got one off to school, one to go. Sitting here during what seems like my only 15 minutes of quiet time and drinking my coffee.

Not too much on the schedule today - looking forward to the nice weather. Gonna go put my workout shorts on so I don't talk myself out of a run.

Have a nice day everyone. Uki - glad to hear your father-in-law is doing well.


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-18-08

Good morning. Off to WW in about an hour, then to the pool. After that to Aldi's and then home to start sorting out things for Sat. garage sale.
Will be OP today. Don't know for sure what I'm cooking but it will be OP.
Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-18-08

Good morning everyone. I heard from my doctor finally yesterday and she said that the growth on my thyroid has not grown in 6 months so surgery is not recommended at this time. She'll just periodically have me checked so I am relieved about that.

Had a good OP day yesterday. The end of the day was kind of a struggle. Found myself nibbling on marshmallows...I don't know why b/c I don't even like them! Anyhow, I had 3 points left and so I ate kind of a lot so that's what I spent my points on...wasn't what I planned, but since that's what I ate I had to count them. Oh Well.

Going to the store tonight instead of tomorrow. Gotta go make me a list.

Have a great OP day everyone!!