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Angela's menu thread for 9-18-08

Fill us in on how you do, Angie! Here's hoping it is a good and balanced day for you. :)

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Mock danish on lite wheat, fruit

D: Oven "fried" chicken fingers, oven roasted taters, and a veggie

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-18-08

B: coffee with sf/ff creamer and skim milk
not sure what else - going to a neighbors for coffee, maybe some fruit.

L: stir "fried" veggies and maybe some brown rice
strawberries (1 pt)

D: WW recipe for meatloaf (I think 1 slice is 4 or 5 pts)
sweet potato fries - oven baked (3 pts)
some kind of green veggie or a salad (0 pt)

dessert: honey crisp apple (2 pts) - they are Huge!
maybe some air popped popcorn if I need during the day (2 pts)


Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-18-08

I just looked at the recipe for WW meatloaf and 1 slice is only 3 pts - whoohoo! Haven't made this recipe before so I will let you know how it comes out.


Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-18-08

Breakfast - Waffle with some Stawberry Cream Cheese

Lunch - Turkey Sandwich, grapes, oreo snack cake (100 cal.)

Snack - Chex Bar

Dinner - Slice of pizza, small salad,

Snack - Cheese Stick or popcorn

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-18-08

Better late than never, I guess.
B- Oatmeal with applesauce mixed in
Snack- 2 apples about an hour apart
L- Bocca burger on Sandwich Thin
frozen mixed berries with plain FF yogurt
Snack- popcorn
Supper- Chicken tenders baked with Buffalo wing sauce. Salad, baked potato chunks, Pudding
Evening snack - Tootsie Roll Pop (1 pt)