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Daily commitment thread 9-19-08

Well, Friday has arrived and I hope each of you has a wonderful OP day!

I meet my mom for lunch today and run a few errands. I will do the treadmill this morning after I get the family off to school.

My bone density scan came back the same as 2 years ago - not better but not worse either. They are switching me from Fosamax to Boniva. Maybe that will help. I get my first month free with a coupon, so I pick that up today.

What are your plans?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-19-08

Good morning. Busy day today. I'm off to the dentist for 6 month cleaning and then take car to get its oil changed. When I get home I need to pack the car with all the stuff for a garage sale tomorrow. One of my friends offered to let me set up in her yard for the community sale day. I live out in the country so don't have much luck having sales here.
Today will be OP. I read a long thread on WW Core message board last night about a woman who couldn't lose. When she posted her meals the quanities were huge. I realized that I am eating way too much of good things. Usually have 2 servings size of cereal so this morning when I made oatmeal I made what the box says is 1 serving. Added a banana and 1/2 cup Fiber 1 and it was plenty. If I had made the 2 serving size I would have finished all of it. Guess I'm still in the clean plate club. I'm going to really work on my portions this week. Didn'g post it yesterday but my weight stayed the same this week. I really want to get below 200 by my birthday which is in November. I only need to lose 7 to get there.
Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-19-08

Good morning all! I'm wiped out this morning and can hardly hold my head up. I had to change all my plans around for this weekend (I work 2 jobs) so had to get the grocery shopping done last night. Didn't plan very well and ended up at Walmart, Kroger, Marsh, and Aldi. Yup, I ran to 4 stores to get the sales. No wonder I'm beat, LOL! I did find some new things at Aldi's which I'll post on a separate thread here in a min.

Had a great OP day yesterday and stuck with my plan. I dug back out the scales this morning and weighed. I'm going to try and not get overly obsessed with the scales again. We'll see how that goes.

There is another site that I read regularly, ronisweigh.com, and I highly recommend everyone visit it and read her question of the week which is "What do you want them to know". It really has been an eye opener for me this week. It's about how people from our past (parents, siblings, others) might have made comments about our weight when we were young and impressionable and how these negative comments affected our weight/body image issues. So many people have left comments to the question that have made me stop and think about so many things. One being, I have to stop talking to my son about his "belly." I have realized this week that I have to be the example and that the junk that's not healthy for me is not healthy for him either and just stop buying it. He'll go for the good stuff if that's what he's watching me eat and that's all that's there. How can I blame him for picking the junk if that's what I bring in? How can I expect him to want to be active if I don't ever say, "hey guys, how about a family walk." You all get the point.

Anyhow, check it out. I'm sure in some way the question of the week will hit home in other ways for each of us. Maybe we can all share our thoughts to that question over here on "our" board.

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-19-08

Carrie, I read Roni's post about her father and I could have written the same things. My dad always made hurtful comments about my weight. His favorite was to call me Crisco Kid (lard in the can) I'm not sure he was ever proud of me and the way I looked. My sister was slim and he always compared us. It's pretty bad that at almost 60 just thinking about his words can bring back all the bad feelings. That's after years of therapy. It's no wonder I'm a mess. I know that I wasn't a good role model for my son and now at 33 he is overweight and I worry about him but avoid saying anything. It's kind of strange but now I'm the thinnest one in the family. My mom is huge and my sister has put on much weight. Dad has been dead for almost 30 years but wonder what he would think of me now.