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Daily commitment thread 9-19-08

Good morning! I got to sleep in some this morning, which was wonderful!

The 8th grade band got to play with the high school band at the football game last night, so Wes got to march! He said it was realy fun. I think he will enjoy high school marching band next year.

Today we are home in the morning and then off to a festival in the later afternoon and evening. We are eating there, so that should be a challenge. I don't have the option of packing my food, and I have no clue what vendors will be available. I will do the best I can. I have weigh in tomorrow, so I bet it will be ugly, because I know I will be retaining a TON of water. Sigh.

Have a great day!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-19-08

I'm up and at it cleaning house and doing laundry. I'm thinking about heading out of town to see my family so not much time to plan anything. I'll be OP though. I've gone 17 whole days w/o slipping up, so I want to continue the success. I'll post my weight results in the morning.

Have great day!!!