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Oops on the date on the daily thread!

That should have read 9-20-08. Sorry about that!

Re: Oops on the date on the daily thread!

so glad to have this thread and all of you to check in with. I missed some of the daily committment threads during the week because I leave the house by 5am. in order to work out before work, because there are too many things diverting my attn after work, and I don't always have time to check in at the beginning of the day. I am so glad to be OP yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow. Am working hard to deal with all the damage of recent times of relapse.Am out the door to the gym for step class this lovely Saturday morning, and then to visit my mom who's in a rehab hospital for a broken hip and other health issues...I'm hanging in there trying to be there for the people in my life that need me, and balance that with taking good care of myself...coming here is part of that. Hope the rest of you are headed for a happy healthy weekend. Love, Maajida