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Daily commitment thread 9-21-08

Got the date right for today! LOL

Well, yesterday went just fine after all my worrying! It turned out that the other family we were meeting at the festival did not want to eat there. I think they didn't want to pay the ridiculous amount of $$ that the vendors charge. So, we wound up at Burger King. I had my usual lower points meal there of a whopper junior with no mayo and extra lettuce and tomato and a small onion rings. I felt great about that.

Their son is sleeping over here now. He is 7 and good friends with Mitch. He is a bit of a handful, but we are managing. LOL

So today, we are off to church and then will chill out this afternoon. Then at 5p, we host the youth group here. We serve dinner too, and Wes picked pizza rolls, french fries, and doritos. Isn't that just the well rounded diet of a teenager???? I got myself a lean cuisine pizza and will skip the rest of it all.

So what is everybody else up to?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-21-08

Headed off to church this morning with the famiy. I went to see my folks yesterday and got back around 11:30 last night; so I'm draggin!! My sister and I went to Kohls and did some shopping. I bought a new outfit--skirt in a size 12 (no eleastic either) and a super trendy sweater in a Medium!! Hello!!! I think my sis was a little jealous, LOL!!

Picked up my PB2 from Mom's. Immediately made some and I LOVE IT!!! I did add a smidge of Splenda and it tasted great. Mom even liked it and she didn't think she would when I first told her about it. So, when I'm at my folks (1.5 hrs. away), I'll have to stop in that store and stock up. Has anyone tried the Choc. PB2?? I don't know if this store has gotten it in yet.

We went out for Chinese last night and I think I did pretty good. Not for sure about how to count some of it, but there were a few days this week I ate super low in points, so if I happened to go over last night then I think it will all even out.

Haven't a clue what I'm cooking today, so I'll post my menu later tonight.

And where's Angie, btw?? She appears to be MIA as well as Chelsie--I haven't seen a post from her in awhile either, unless I just haven't been payin attention, which is a possibility sometimes, LOL!!

Have great OP day everyone!!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-21-08

Carrie congrats on your shopping. Isn't it great to buy things in smaller sizes?
This hasn't been a good OP weekend. Yesterday I got into the Feber 1 muffins that I'd made for everyone. Today so far OK but we're going to a chicken BBQ this evening. I go to the Dr tomorrow to see if I can stay off diabetes meds and to readjust my thyroid meds

Hope everyone has a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-21-08


Hope you get off those meds. I see my dr. on Oct. 6 and she may take me off of mine.

What thyroid meds do you take?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-21-08

Carrie, I'm on generic Synthroid. I've been on it for about 20 years. I had thyroid nodules that were biopsied twice and they are benign but they put me on the meds to help keep them from growing. I've been on the same dose for several years and I hate having to try and get the right dose again. It takes a long time sometimes to get it just right. Look at all the problems that losing weight can cause. Oh well, I think it is worth it.