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Angela's Menu Thread for 9/21

Breakfast - protein bar

Lunch - Whopper Jr. and small onion rings

Snack - 100 cal. choc. cake

Dinner - 1 c. chili with some crackers

Snack - Apple and PB2 :)

Water, Water, Water!!!

Re: Angela's Menu Thread for 9/21

B- oameal with an apple cut up in it
L- split pea and ham soup, Bocca burger on Sandwich thin with tomato, grapes
s- 1 pt fudgesicle
S- Chicken BBQ


Re: Angela's Menu Thread for 9/21

B: eggbeaters, canadian bacon, lite wheat toast with SF jam

L: Turkey and LF cheese and tomato on wheat, small baked spud with FF promise

D: Lean Cuisine pizza

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings