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Sunday Weigh In 9/21

OK, I started obsessing again several weeks ago and had hubby hide the scales.

So, several weeks ago I was at 170.

Today, 167.

Goal: 140

Personal Goal 130.

There, it's in writing.

Re: Sunday Weigh In 9/21

Forgot to mention started at 250 lbs. back on Jan 27, 2007.

That's 83 lbs. lost if my math is right.

Re: Sunday Weigh In 9/21

Good going Carrie. It's good that you know yourself and could hide the scale. I tend to get on too often for my mental health.


Re: Sunday Weigh In 9/21

Up 1 pound today. I expected it. We had Burger King last night and I could feel I was retaining water. No biggie, but I still HATE to see the number up even a little! :(