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Daily commitment thread 9-23-08

I am hoping that everyone had a good day yesterday!

My day was busy. I got chores done in the morning, and then took at 16.5 mile bike ride. When I got home, the answering machine was going off and it was the school nurse. Anna had taken her rescue inhaler twice and was still having trouble, so I ran to the school to give her a nebulizer treatment. I asked the school to have Wes go to the office at the end of the day instead of coming home on the bus, because Anna had a doctor's appointment for her asthma, that I had made that morning. Well, he got the note, and forgot. He got on the bus, and then sent a van after him, stopped the bus, and brought him back! We drove into the city for Anna's appointment and didn't get home until 5:30p. Then I tackled homework and dinner, and showers, bedtime... I rolled into bed around 11:30p and here I am! LOL

I took my Boniva for the first time today, so we will see if I tolerate it okay. I didn't have trouble with Fosamax, so I think I will be okay.

Today, I am SUPPOSED to be here at home... We shall see. I expect another call from the school to come in with the nebulizer again. The medication just doesn't seem to last all day.

What are you up to?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-23-08

Uki, hope your little one is better. I worked for 5 years in an allergist office so saw lots of kids with asthma.
Today I go to work. Have to leave at 10 for an hour drive to where I have to work. Then we work from 11-6. This is the beginning of flu shot season and my days are often leaving home early in the AM and getting back late in the evening. Makes eating a real chore. I try to pack food in a cooler but sometimes I just don't have time or the inclination to decide what to take. I usually take things that I can grab a bite of every now and then since we usually don't get breaks.
Hope all of you get your flu shots this year, also get one for your kids.
Think I'm going to spend the day tomorrow cooking and putting things in the freezer. When I'm late coming home I like to leave something for Jim's supper. He is very understanding and will find something if I don't leave a meal for him.
Hope everyone has a good day.


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-23-08

Good morning everyone. Man, last night was crazy. My little one all of the sudden came down with something (the runs actually) IN MY CAR. Talk about a mess!! I had to strip him in the driveway and if the hose hadn't been in the other side of my house I'd have hosed him down too! Spent most of the night doing laundry and stripping and washing the car seat cover. I was praying it wasn't stomach flu and just a one time thing. He seemed fine after that and fine this morning so I took him to preschool/daycare and told them to call me if anything happened and I'd leave work.

Anyway, had a great OP day yesterday. Better go post my menu. Have a good one.

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-23-08

Well, I am SO excited this morning! My weighin at WW
yesterday afternoon showed me down 1.2 pounds! I at-
tribute that to following Core closely (even includ-
ing the WPAs) and eliminating foods containing high
fructose corn syrup. I finally found a fat-free mayo
at Ingles without HFCS - the Dukes brand - so that is
exciting, too.

I am off today to meet with other retirees from my
school for lunch, then do some shopping around in that part of town while I am in that area. I don't of-
ten get in that direction. DH is off playing golf.

Pat, I wouldn't DREAM of not getting a flu shot! We get them every year. DH even adds the pneumonia shot,
but I never have. It's a little more of a challenge on
Core to take along a lunch that is totally on the plan, but with a little effort it comes together. I have been excited to find that we like soy cheese, so
that is quick to grab in a pinch. I am looking for the
Arnold Sandwich Thins, but haven't been able to find
them where I have been as yet. Maybe they will show up
here soon. Both Kroger and Ingles are opening new
"superstores" in October, and they may expand the line
of items they carry. Anyway, Pat, you have been so
encouraging for me as I considered Core. Thank you.

I may check in again later, but if not, hope everyone
is having a GREAT OP day!

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-23-08

Replying belatedly...OP all the way today...Maaj