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Daily commitment thread 9-24-08

Thank you for the well wishes for Anna. I very much appreciate them!

Patty, we do get her a flu shot, thank you for a good reminder. The boys can get the Flumist, but with her asthma, she much get the shot. I need to phone and get that scheduled. Good words of wisdom! :)

She didn't need the nebulizer at school yesterday, so that was good. We will see how today goes.

I run errands this morning, but should be home this afternoon.

OP today! How about you?

Re: Daily commitment thread 9-24-08

Good morning everyone. Today I'm staying home and cooking. I need to get some meals made that I can grab as I leave the house and for Jim to have when I'm not home for supper. Besides doing the cooking I'm going to pack up my china cabinet full of angels. Hopefully they will be calling soon to come and lay down our new vinyl flooring. We have to move everything out of the way and I think my angel collection will be much safer if I pack it away. I also have a large nativity set on top of a cabinet that needs to be put away. I used to only put it up for Christmas but I like to look at it so leave it up all the time. Today I get to watch last night's episode of Biggest Loser. I find real inspiration from the show. I know that the weight losses are unrealistic but I enjoy watching. Makes my workouts seem like nothing.
Have a great day


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-24-08

Pat - the doctor I work with is doing a lot of testing today so that means up to 1.5 hrs. with each patient. I have all their insurances checked so while she's back there, I'll be watching last nights Biggest Loser online. I made it home from church last night only to see who got voted off; so like the last 10 min.

Had a great OP day yesterday. Several people lately have commented on my weight loss. Sometimes I "see" it and sometimes I don't...when does the new image in the mirror catch up with the brain? Does that make any sense?? I do love the compliments though...they keep me motivated and that's always a plus.

I cleaned out my closet yesterday. I have some nice office/church clothing that I need to let go of in sizes 16 and some nicer twinsets in size XL. They didn't get much wear but I don't plan on needing them again. Too bad we all don't live closer together to do clothing swaps or something like that.

Well, off to post menu and watch Biggest Loser.