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uke or anyone else pumkin pancakes

Hi everyone- i am freaking out a bit and need some advice- I AM COMPLETELY FALLING OFF OF WW-- or i feel like it anyway- i am getting lakidasicle- or however you spell that about writing stuff down, anyway, i need your help BAD PLEASE PLEASE

Anyway i need a recipe for pumpkin pancakes too - UKI how do you eat em- they sound great!!!! What do you put on em-- how many points HELP

Re: uke or anyone else pumkin pancakes

Hi there! These are as easy as can be.

I use a boxed mix and always buy one that is complete, meaning that all you add is water. I avoid the ones that want you to add milk, egg and or oil. Those add too many points. Anyway, measure out the mix - usually either 1/3 to 1/2 cup depending on the brand. Add into it about 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of pumpkin and then enough water to make the batter the consistency you like. I add a packet of splenda to that a good shake of pumpkin pie spices. (I am not a measurer, I sort of just eyeball things and then go by taste). Make sure your griddle is good and hot. If it isn't nonstick, spray it with Pam. Then I make 3 pancakes out of the batter and eat them with ICBINB spray. Sometimes I add SF syrup, it just depends.

Points wise, It is usually about 3 to 4 points depending on the mix. The pumpkin is free, so calculate the points based on whatever mix you use. Usually the ones that are 1/3 of a cup come out to 3 points and the ones that are 1/2 cup come out to 4 points, but each mix is different. The higher fiber mixes are lower in points, but more expensive. I tend to buy the cheaper brands of mixes to save money.


Re: uke or anyone else pumkin pancakes

Hey you guys, I just saw a food review over on Hungry Girls website and Fiber One has come out with a pancake mix where you just add water...are you both signed up receive their daily emails?? They usually always pretty good.