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Daily commitment thread 9-26-08

Good morning ladies and happy Friday!

I plan to do the treadmill this morning and then head into town to run a bunch of errands before I meet my mom for lunch and to take her to the store.

Tonight is homework and then to celebrate the weekend, we are having family movie night and I will make my homemade pizza. I swear, I make it every week! LOL Fine be me. I love pizza and to get it at a pizza place is too high in points.

What are you up to? Whatever it is, OP today! :)


Re: Daily commitment thread 9-26-08

I'm here at work. We have a packed schedule today. Last night, I was glued to ER...it's the last season and I bawled like a baby....I can't believe Greg died. Anyway, LOL!! Like, I'm sure you all care, haha.

I had another great OP day yesterday. I sure was busy after work. Went home and had a quick supper and took my oldest to purchase his Halloween costume. I had gotten coupons in the mail and they were only good for this week, so that saved me a little money. Then, ran to Kohls to get DH birthday gift card. Then, ran home and baked 3 mini loaves pumpkin bread, 3 mini loaves of banana nut bread, and a coffee cake to take to a church bake sale they are having this weekend. So, tonight, I'll have to run that stuff down to the church. My kitchen smelled wonderful last night and my mouth was salivating like crazy, but I resisted the urge to dive into the breads. I know my DH was expecting a choc. cake for his birthday, but why tortue myself, really? He only eats one or two pieces and my oldest doesn't like cake...so why fix an entire choc. cake to have it call to me in the middle of the night. So, I told DH, sorry...no cake for you unless you want one of my 100 cal. Hostess choc. cakes. He said he'd pass.

24 days of no cheating under my belt...OP for me today!!