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Angela's menu thread for 9-26-08

Okay, gang, Angie needs some help. She has asked for suggestions to ensure she gets in her dairy and fruits and veggies, so if everyone could add a suggestion for her today, that would be great. Maybe I will start a separate thread for that...

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2 (Carrie, what did you think?) :) I LOL over you "stealing" my breakfast. I wondered where the waffles were when I opened the freezer! :)

L: Burger King with mom. Grilled chicken sandwich on the whopper junior bun/no mayo/LOTS of lettuce and tomato, small onion rings, diet coke

D: Homemade pizza with tomato and turkey pepperoni

treat: WW ice cream cup and toppings

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-26-08

Breakfast - waffle with strawberry cream cheese.

Lunch - Wendy's side salad and baked potato, 100 cal. choc. cake (I'm totally out of fresh fruit today and missing my grapes).

Snack - Honey Maid choc. bar

Dinner - Errand night, so probably something from McD's--Southwest Chicken Salad with Grilled Chicken~ Yum-O!

Snack - Grapes or Apple with PB 2 (God, I love that stuff)

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-26-08

B'fast - Veggie omelet with homemade salsa

Lunch - Homemade subway with extra veggies

Snack - WW Smoothie

Dinner - Super chopper (like a big taco salad, but with extra lean beef patty on bottom)

Snack - WW Yogurt, Apple with PB2 (I'm hooked, too)

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-26-08

B: 1/2 banana (1 pt)
fage 0% yogurt (1 pt) with mixed berries (1 pt)
coffee with ff milk and sf/ff creamer (1 pt)

snack: vitatop cran bran (1 pt)

L: tuna salad sandwich on lite rye with lettuce (4 pt)
soy chips (2 pt)

D: crockpot chicken noodle soup - have to figure out points - guess it really depends how much chicken I eat and how many noodles but for right now I will count it as 7 pts

dessert: either a ww ice cream cup (2 pts) or a WW yogurt frozen with ff cool whip
honey crisp apple


Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-26-08

Just got home from a 13 hour work day.
B- Oatmeal and coffee
L- Took with me Quinoa with a can of white chicken mixed with a little FF mayo
FF yogurt that was mixed with dry pistaschio pudding mix and drained crushed pineapple. ( I love this and it is a good way to get a milk serv. Mix 1 qt FF plain yogurt with a box of SF/FF pistaschio pudding mix and a big can of drained crushed pineapple) also 16 oz skim milk

Supper- Sandwich thin with 2 slices FF american cheese. Apple and McDonalds ice cream cone.

Not a usual day, I'm short on veggies

Re: Angela's menu thread for 9-26-08

breakfast.. coffee with creamer 1 point
leftover chicken from last night 8
bbq pretzel thins ww YUK 1
2 sweet and salty bars ww 4
home again leftover chicken- 4
i ate some pizza rolls of my kids- 10
i am still gona eat dinner- healthy though-
i am going to get back on track tom. i am just trying to be honest. as hard as it is..... i did not have a good day
i am still motivated- tom is going to be a GREAT DAY