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Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

For those who didn't catch it yesterday, Angie asked for some help. She feels she is falling off the wagon and needs suggestions to meet the 8 HG. So, if everyone could post a suggestion or two for her, that would be great!

Getting in veggies... I add them to everything. When eating a sandwich, I often eat it open faced and layer on lots of lettuce, tomato or spinach.

In the evening, I mix in veggies to all my side dishes. It we are having noodles in sauce, I add 1/2 a can to a whole can on mixed veggies, carrots, green beans, etc to the noodles to bulk it up.

I order salads whenever possible and eat them first to fill me up.

I often add veggies to a baked potato to sneak them in.

Those are a few tips. Anyone else?

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

Angie - I don't know if you have little ones, but I tend to buy large bananas and split them with my little one and get in a serving of fruit with breakfast sometimes. I also bring apple or grapes with lunch, instead of chips (I think most people can tell I'm not one for salty foods by my daily menus). Anyway, they take awhile to crunch through and you get in a serving and kill the sweet tooth too (sometimes, LOL).

Veggies - if you like sandwiches or quesidillas (sp?), add some roasted red peppers, green pepper slices, cucumber slices/lettuce/tomatoe/spinach---anything you like that "bulks" up your sandwich and you'll get some veggies in that way as well.

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

Dairy - Oh, forgot dairy. I have trouble with this...I was a huge milk drinker. I don't like spending points on liquid so I hardly get in a cup of milk anymore. However, dairy is still important; we need the calcium so I try to eat cheese sticks or yogurt to help get some dairy in.

I know WW has those "guidelines", but sometimes they are realistic everyday. I think we should be aware of them and try to incorporate more fruits/veggies/oil/ etc. but I tend to not stress on "getting them all in everyday." I hope I'm making sense and you all don't think I'm bad or whatever--if you try replacing the prepackaged snacks/meals with more whole foods several times a day it's better for you overall it's much healthier for you in the long run. I hope that makes sense. Personally, I just don't "stress" over the guidelines, but I am aware of them and I do shoot ingesting some veggies/fruit/dairy everyday. Does that make sense to everyone? Thoughts???

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

Another thing I do, is I add extra veggies to my side of the pizza. My family only likes pepperoni, but on my side/slices, I'll add green pepper, onion, sweet banana peppers, black olives, tomato, mushrooms. I mean, I load it and I'll have a salad on the side too.

The more whole foods (fruit/veggies) you can add into your daily meal plan, the less hungry you will be. Trust me.

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

I add a 1/2 cup to a cup of cooked veggies to my Smart Ones, Lean Cuisines, etc. It makes them more filling and helps to absorb the sauces. I also eat frozen grapes.

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

One of my favorite ways to get in extra vegetables is to start my morning off with a veggie omelet made with egg substitute, of course. Do you realize that 1/2 cup is only 1 pt? First I use yellow squash, zuchinni, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, asparagus, or any combination of vegetables I have on hand. If you cook them (chopped finely, of course)in a non-stick skillet sprayed with a little Pam, you don't have to use oil, or that is when you can get in one of the oils...whichever you prefer. After my vegetables are cooked as desired, I turn the heat down to simmer, pour the egg sub over the veggies, then put a lid on to steam cook. That way there is no flipping of the omelet. When fully cooked, I let it sit for a minute or two, then invert it onto a plate. I then top it with a cup of homemade salsa and have a very, very filling meal. I sometimes have this for lunch when I've had cereal or something else in the a.m.

I am a firm believer in following the guidelines and getting in ALL that we are supposed to eat for the day. The body works a whole lot better when it is getting what it needs. That also brings in keeping a dairy or something to know what you have consumed. I have kept every one of mine since January and can check back and see what I did during what weeks when I had a good weight loss, etc.

I do a lot of the before mentioned things for veggies, too...exta lettuce, tomato, etc. on sandwiches, side dishes of veggies, extras added into soups, etc.

Fruits are usually my desserts or toppings for cereal, waffles, french toast.....Sunday morning b'fast!

That's just a few of my ideas!

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy


I usually try to include a fruit with breakfast or as a mid-morning snack. My typical breakfast is 0% Fage greek yogurt (high in protein and counts as a milk) and only 1 pt. and mix this with some type of fruit, usually a cup of thawed frozen mixed berries (1pt) that I buy in a big bag at Costco - much cheaper than the grocery store. I might have a 1/2 banana before my workout in the morning and then breakfast after.

Cut up melon, pineapple, etc in chunks and keep in container in fridge so it is ready to eat without having to fuss.

Honey crisp apples are in season now - so yummy - I like to slice mine really thin and it takes a long time to munch away. Sometimes I pair this with a wedge of lite laughing cow cheese or some peanut butter (high in points) if I am really hungry.

Low-fat string cheese is a good snack - check the points -some are only 1, most are 2pts.

I usually have a big salad for lunch with some type of protein on it (chicken, salmon, something leftover from last nights dinner) I put all the free veggies I can think of in my salad, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, onion, and lettuce of course.

I also like to stir "fry" veggies (I usually just spray the pan with Pam-don't use oil too often and if I do I measure it out in a measuring spoon) and add some chicken or protein to this - shrimp is really good and low in points. I sometimes use a bag of frozen stir fry veggies (no sauce) or I use fresh veggies I might have on hand to use up like cabbage, zucchini, broccoli, carrots, green onion, mushrooms, green beans. I mix some low salt soy sauce with a little water and some ginger, garlic, hot pepper flakes and add a teaspoon of cornstarch to make a sauce and add to pan when veggies are done.

I always have at least one, usually more side veggies with dinner. Experiment with what is local and in season and watch what you add to them (ie: butter, oil, cheese) and if you do add something make sure to measure and count the points.

Another good meal is a baked potato topped with steamed broccoli (or other veggie you might like) with some ff cheddar cheese and a dollop of the fage 0% yogurt or ff sour cream.

I am not a milk drinker, so I basically get my dairy from my ff yogurt and cheese. I also like to get the WW yogurt (1pt) and put it in the freezer about 45 minutes and it makes a nice dessert topped with some ff cool whip.

Sometimes I get a non-fat grande latte with some sf syrup in it from Starbucks. Counts as a milk serving and is 2 pts.

I find I lose weight quicker when I include at least 2 servings of dairy a day.

Veggie burgers
omelets with lots of veggies in them
raw cut up veggies to nibble on - also good with a wedge of lite laughing cow cheese
frozen grapes

I am fortunate to like veggies, so I don't really have a problem with those.
I like to wash my lettuce when I get it home from the store and put it in a zip lock bag so it is ready to go and I only have to fuss once.

Planning in advance really helps so you don't feel so overwhelmed.

Good luck.

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

This probably won't help most people but Carrie's statement that she doesn't like to use points for liquids struck me. That is why I love Core. I don't have to count points for FF milk or yogurt or fruit. I know when I was on Flex I had the same problem with not wanting to use points for things like fruits and veggies and also oils. Might be something to think about.


Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS!! I HAD a miserable day-- i am falling off of ww and this totally helped me- please please i am begging you keep helping me..... THANKS TO YOU ALL

Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

Angie. Don't panic. Have you tried planning a whole day's food on paper? I'm not too good about doing it but when I know I'm going to be busy I find it really helps. That way you don't have to think you just make what you planned. You can be sure you get all your good health guidelines in for the day. I know it takes time to do but it really does help.


Re: Please help Angie with fruits, veggies, and dairy

Forgot another way to get in veggies. I make brocolli soup by cooking a big bag of frozen brocolli in chicken broth. Cook till really soft then I use a stick blender and puree the borcolli. You could do it in a blender. I then put some in a bowl and add some FF plain yogurt and sometimes some FF cheddar cheese and mix up. Before I was on WW I made this and added milk and cheese to the whole pot. You could probably make this with other veggies also, but I haven't tried it.
Another easy meal that is full of veggies is stir fry. I keep bags of frozen stir fry veggies ( pepper & onions and also the bag with snap peas etc) cook up some strips of chicken (from the freezer) and then add some of each bag of veggies. Stir in some soy sauce and garlic and serve over brown rice. Supper is done.