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Daily commitment for 9/27/08

Guess Uki is sleeping in today. Good for her. Thought I'd sleep good last night after my 13 hr work day yesterday but about 3 AM I finally got up and took a Benadryl and that helped me get a few hours decent sleep. I have Fibromyalgia and when I don't get good quality sleep my pain level goes through the roof. This morning I can hardly bend over due to back pain. I did have a positive thing this AM I got on the scale (OK I know I shouldn't weigh between meetings but couldn't help myself) and the scale said 201. WW scale is usually 2 pounds higher than mine but that is the lowest number I've seen on the scale for 20 years. Think I'll make my goal of being below 200 at WW by my birthday in Nov.
Not much going on here today. It's rainy and dark outside. Doing some laundry and may read a book. Yesterday took the stuffing out of me.
What's up with you today?


Re: Daily commitment for 9/27/08

Hello everyone. I am hanging around home today doing lots of laudry and house cleaning. I've been up and at it early , but not a lot of down time to sit at computer. I have to work later this eve. and my feet are already killin me.

Anyway, having a good day. Made every flatout pizzas for lunch and let the boys pick their toppins.

Going to the store later.

Well, off to get my little one down for a nap.

Take care and have a great OP day.

Re: Daily commitment for 9/27/08

Better late than never. LOL I am here, we just had a busy day with the kids. OP all the way though... :)

Re: Daily commitment for 9/27/08

I'm late checking in too...but so glad to report being OP. Hectic weekend meeting everyone's needs, but am hanging in there. Maajida