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pattypurple a question for you.

That receipe for the yogart and FF SF pudding with the crushed pineapple.. are you also adding 16oz of skim milk into it...

I bought the stuff to make so I was just wondering..

I'm also in the process of making the scrambled egg muffins, and as I type they're in the oven..

I used the 12 eggs but have a lot left over, the ingredients didn't fill all 12 muffin cups...

I guess I'll put the rest in a pan and bake it or else use the muffin pan again..


Re: pattypurple a question for you.

No milk added. Just the yogurt, dry pudding mix and drained crushed pineapple. Some people also add other flavors of pudding mix like cheesecake or lemon without the pineapple.
Maybe your muffin pans aren't as big as mine. I used the regular cupcake foil papers and used all the mix without any left over.

Re: pattypurple a question for you.

Thanks for a quick reply Patty..

Made a second batch, had two for lunch. they were good, gave some away tho.

I"m going to make the yogart with the pistaschio
pudding in the morning, might just add the pineapple.
I keep all the goodies in the house all the time, never know when its needed...

core is good,