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I've missed you all!

Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me and others that are new will have no idea! Anyway, I used to live in OH near were Aimee lives just outside of Dayton. I just wanted to touch base with you all and get back into the groove of getting on here for support.
My family recently moved to North Carolina. My hubby is a Marine. Anyway, I had at one point gotten very close to the WW goal and then I have sabbotaged myself. It has been a crazy summer with a move that wasn't supposed to happen for another year and so much more. Anyway I did manage to get a Dr's note so that I can set a different goal. I think that I'll have an extremely hard time keeping the weight off at what WW wants me to be at. Anyway, I am about 8 lbs away from that goal. Which is good on one hand because I have come so far, but bad on the other hand because I have been at this forever it seems and I should have been to goal a long time ago.
I still workout but that is has been hard too. I used to spend more time at the gym than I can spend here plus my workout partners are still in OH. I am NOT giving up though. I have just set a new goal for myself. I'd like to be down 10 lbs by Thanksgiving. That gives me 9 weeks to do it in. I need your help though! You all have been very supportive in the past and I know I can count on you all. It is great to see that Tobe is still here, along with uki and a few others. Where's Aimee and Akus at??
Someone update me on everyone, please! I have really missed not posting but plan to post much more often now that I am moved and settled.
I have found a meeting here in NC and it is just okay. The leader kind of rubs me the wrong way but I am trying to give her some time. I may end up switching though.
I am living on base and they are offering an aerobics instructor course which will train to teach any type of aerobic exercise, Zumba, spinning, etc. I plan to call Monday and sign up for the classes as I think that will help me with my motivation.
I am also especially motivated because my brother in law is finally getting married and his fiance asked me to be the matron of honor! I get fitted for my dress in December and the wedding is in June. I certainly want to look and most importantly feel my best!
Anyway, I am looking forward to catching up with everyone! I am also looking forward to everyone helping me to be accountable so that I can reach my first goal which is 8 lbs but then my second goal of 10 lbs by Thanksgiving.
Hope you're having a great weekend!
Tammy of OH who is now of NC

Re: I've missed you all!

Welcome back, Tammy! It is so good to hear from you.

Oh, those last stubborn pounds... We have all been there. It sounds like you sure are on the right track. You have signed back up for meetings and are working out. I am sure that the move to NC was stressful and made staying OP difficult.

There are lots of new faces here on the boards and they are some wonderful ladies! Some folks have left and some post less often and then we have new folks who are very active and enthusiastic.

I hope you find some time to post and to share some of the things you have learned with the new ladies.

Thanks for checking back in it is great to see a familiar name! :)


Re: I've missed you all!

Hi - glad to hear from you again. My family has moved several times over the last years - 4 times actually - so I know how hard this can be. Use the move to your advantage (it sounds like you have already been doing that by joining a meeting and planning on some exercise classes) and make it a fresh start. Take advantage of the warmer weather in N. Carolina - at least your winter will be alot milder - think of all the activity you can continue to do outside. You will get back into your groove and start meeting some new people that have the same goals as you. Sometimes it takes time to find a WW meeting and leader that you enjoy going to, so try a few out if there's more than one available...and keep posting here.

I met my goal back in March of this year (down 78 pounds) but it is still a daily commitment to keep it off. Somethings get easier or more of a habit, other things for me will always be difficult but obviously very do-able.

Glad to have you back.


Re: I've missed you all!

Tammy, welcome back! I haven't been here as much I'd like either, but it is so wonderful and centering to have this special place to come to....it's great to check in on the daily committment thread to post of being able to focus on being OP each day and it's wonderful to see everyone band together in support of each other. You have done so well...I know you'll get all the way where you want to go. Sincerely, Maajida

Re: I've missed you all!

thank you all for your kind encouraging words. One thing I never stopped doing was exercising BUT I haven't been as intense with it. I really miss my exericising buddy from OH. But I must and I will continue on!
thanks again and you'll definitely be hearing from me!

Re: I've missed you all!

Tammy, I'm new to the board as of the summer and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this group of encouragers! It's great to have a place to "check-in" and keep ourselves accountable.
Sounds like you still have your focus and are doing good to have had a major move, etc. which sometimes can really throw us for a loop!
Welcome to the SOUTH!!! I'm from Arkansas but no one holds that against me! LOL! Maybe I haven't told them until now?!!
I am continuing on my jorney...have lost 45.2 pounds and have almost 25 to go to get to my goal set many years ago. May have to get that changed per doctor since I have aged a little since the 80's.
Good luck with the goals you have set for Thanksgiving and a wedding next summer is something great to look forward to! Most of all our BETTER health is the ultimate goal!


Re: I've missed you all!

Your post was exactly what I needed! I most recently have been beating myself up because I have been at this for more time than I care to admit and I am still not at goal. It is refreshing to see that I am not the only who has struggled with making it to goal over a long period of time. The important thing to me is that I never ever give up. I've come so very far and refuse to go back!
thanks for your encouraging words!
BTW, I LOVE the south. Most people are laid back and have such wonderful manners. The yankees up North could certainly learn a few things from y'all!

Have a great OP day!