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Daily commitment thread 10-3-08

Hello and Good morning! We are leaving for our annual Halloween camping trip thsi afternoon, so I would be so grateful if someone could start the daily thread and Angie's menu thread on Saturday and Sunday.

I packed a lot yesterday and will finish today before heading over to my mom's to take her to the store.

The kids will be trick or treating at the campground. I pray they get lots of candy that I don't like! LOL

OP today for sure and I will do my best over the weekend.


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-3-08

Plan to be OP today. Leaving for another flu shot clinic in a few minutes. I'll be in a grocery store set up near the candy aisle but I'll look but not touch. Have to start putting the stuff back in cabinets after our new flooring was put down on Tues. Of course that means cleaning out the cabinets and sorting piles of stuff that haven't seen the light of day for years. Hopefully will get rid of some stuff. I've been reading your posts this week even tho I haven't had time to reply. It's nice to know that you are all here.


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-3-08

Good morning everyone. Had a great OP day yesterday.

Uki - I got a like new water heater blanket via freecycle last night...I was so excited!

Well, not much on my schedule for tonight other than grocery shopping. I wish one store carried everything I need. For instance, I'll have to go into the next town to get my Lavash Wraps, LOL...but they are so worth it!

I'm thrilled to see gas prices are coming down here. We've went from 4.15 two weeks ago to 3.26. It's a relief and I hope it continues to go down. Makes no sense that the price continues to drop like it is when parts of the country are still having shortages.

Would have liked to have seen the debate last night, but was stuck on the phone with tech support over my cell phone--from 9:15 until 11:45!!!! Don't ask...

Anyway...OP today. Have a good one.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-3-08

so glad to post of being OP today..am home playing hooky from work and just treasuring a quiet peaceful house and the chance to rest and re-energize physically and emotionally. This kind of day always used to end up in off program behavior as a way of letting off steam...NOT any more! Have a great day, everyone. Maajida