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Angela's menu thread for 10-8-08

No Angie, yesterday either. Maybe she is having computer problems?

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Baked sweet potato, yogurt

D: Subway 6" turkey sub with swiss cheese, veggies, lots of vinegar and no oil, baked lays, diet coke

treat: cookie dough sundae and toppings

Re: Angela's menu thread for 10-8-08

Breakfast - Protein Bar
Lunch - Baked Potato and Side Salad from Wendys and Apple
Snack - Turtle Chex Bar
Dinner - I might make a meatloaf...have to get back with you all on dinner.
Snack: 100 Cal. choc. cake or VitaBrownie with cool whip.

Re: Angela's menu thread for 10-8-08

Oh, Angie, where are you???

B'fast - Coffee, Cereal, Banana, Yogurt

Lunch - Boca burger, with lots of lettuce, sliced tomato, and onion

Snack - WW smoothie

Dinner - Chicken (that I was going to fix last night), veggies

Snack - Apple or banana with PB2 (gotta have that fix now that I'm addicted! LOL!)

Re: Angela's menu thread for 10-8-08

Diane - LOL over the PB2 addiction. Between all of us "addicts" here, you are in good company. What did we all do before PB2???? LOL