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Plateau help for Maaj...

This is a copy/paste from one of my older posts regarding my long plateau. It was from around June 11/12 if you want to search back and read the other responses on the plateau topic. Or, you can search “plateau” in the search box and it will bring up other responses as well.

Here’s some of the things I’ve wrote about the topic in recent months…..

I can't stress to you enough that you need to eat your points if you are working out. I plateaued for a really long time and then someone pointed out to me that I needed those extra calories as fuel so my body could burn off calories/fat.

Also, take a look at what your eating. If you eat the same things week after week, try changing what you're eating.

Change up your workout too b/c your body gets used to what your doing.

I tried all these things and it got things moving downward again for me.

Some other things to also consider:

- Break out the measuring cups and spoons and food scale again. I tended to get lazy about measuring my food over time. While on a plateau I forced myself to measure everything that went into my mouth that wasn't already pre-packaged and labeled with nutritional information.

_ Eat less carbs and increase protein. Trust me, it works. Carbs retain water and can make you feel bloated and sluggish which may affect the intensity of your workouts and make you hungrier.

Are you drinking enough water?

Journal if you aren't. Watch out of mindless nibbles b/c if you are nibbling here and there and not counting then after awhile those nibbles can add up into a couple points. Over the course of a week those can add up.

Add some variety to your workouts. Try new things and vary the amount of time and intensity. Change up your routine about every 6 weeks or so b/c the body will keep guessing and you'll be toning/shaping different muscles and areas as well.

Might be time to get out the measuring tape and put away the scales. You might not be losing lbs. but rather inches. The scale is not the only way to measure progress/success.

And finally this last line is from an article I found through webmd and I didn't realize this: "In the end, you should view hitting a plateau as a good thing. Why? It means your body has less fat to lose, which explains why the weight isn't coming off as readily. And remember: It's best to lose weight slowly and sensibly so you can make changes that you'll keep for life.

I hope this helps. I know reviewing it has helped me.

Re: Plateau help for Maaj...


This is great information for all of us, and I know it has applied to me as well. I think the big thing for me was to really check portion sizes and be sure I wasn't nibbling and not accounting for it.

Also, varying the workout helped too. I read that your body is very adaptable and if you do the same thing, or always walk the same route, etc., your body becomes more efficient and burns fewer calories.

This applies to eating as well. Eating different foods and really paying attention to hunger cues can be critical during a plateau. The whole basis for the Wendi plan is based on making sure your body never gets used to eating the same amount of food each day. You eat more some days and less others, which is what we should be doing if we follow our bodies' cues... I do a version of that. I eat around 24 or so points a day, give or take a few, but then once a week I have a higher day. IT seems to keep my metabolism from getting used to less food and slowing down. This may not work for everyone, but it has helped me.

Thanks for reposting this! It is also inspirational to know that a plateau is actually a good sign - one that means you are losing fat and inches! yay!!!