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Food Find @ Aldi

I don't know if you all have noticed in your Aldi yet, but Fit/Active brand has started carrying 1 pt. cheese slices (2% milk).

Saw them last week and price was pretty good compared to Kraft 2%...only 2.29 verses 4.50!

Keep your eyes peeled, in case you haven't seem them yet.

Re: Food Find @ Aldi

Hi Carrie,

My Aldi had these last week as well. The price sign said special purchase, so I am wondering if this will be one of those things they don't carry regularly???

If so, I will stock up now. LOL

Re: Food Find @ Aldi

Oh, I didn't see a special purchase sign....I hope they continue to carry it b/c the price is so much better than Kraft...which is ridiculous unless you're lucky someone is running a 2/$5 sale.

Re: Food Find @ Aldi

Today at Aldi I found 2% shredded cheese in the ziploc bags!! I think they were 2.99 a bag and came in mozzarella and cheddar. Mozzarella is kind of not a good deal because it is part-skim normally and you can get a 1 pound bag for 3.79 and the 2% is a 8 ounce bag, but it is a good deal for the cheddar!

Re: Food Find @ Aldi

Hey, I'll be lookin for that too! Sometimes on Friday night all the WW cheeses and the 2% Kraft/Borden is sold out before I get there.