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Daily commitment thread 10-15-08

Good morning! We are 1/2 way throgh October already. Where does the time go?????

Well, our Pastor came over last night and talked with the kids about the upcoming baptism. I love to talk about religion with Wes. He is our 13 year old, and he is so mature and wise. It is neat to hear Mitch and Anna talk about it too - they have their childlike innocence still. The kids all clearly know what they are doing and made professions of faith some time ago, so this is just the symbolic representation of their previous professions. It is still so exciting!

Yes, Carrie, I would LOVE to see pics of your son's baptisms!!! Baptismal services were among my very favorites at church. I get all emotional, expecially when someone shares their testimony!

LOL over Carrie and my bike rides from the exercise thread. :) Actually, my ride does take me into the neighboring town! You were right! I have several routes I choose from depending on the direction of the wind and how far I want to go. I know folks on the routes so it is nice to ride along and be able to wave and greet people. That makes me feel safer as well, in the event I would ever get a flat tire or something.

Laura, I hope you will check in with us today. One day at a time is all you need to do. You can even look at it as one meal at a time. We are hear for you!

We probably won't hear from Diane until later because today is someone's "birthday!" Here's praying that all goes smoothly for mom and baby. :)

Maaj, keep on truckin'! You will break this plateau soon. You are working so hard.

Have a great OP day! It is date night tonight. Woo Hoo!

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-15-08

thanks soooo much for the encouraging words, Uki...I am determined to keep up the OP momentum...and remind myself daily that this journey to fitness is never just about the numbers on the scale. My heart is also with Laura, who is restarting after a time of struggle...boy can I relate to that! Will post to her later..am running out the door to the gym before work. Here's to a great OP day, one step at a time. Love, maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-15-08

Uki - I'll try my best to get those pictures uploaded sometime this week. I'll need your personal email address...I don't think I know it.

I had another good OP day yesterday. I'm already at work and it's going to be slow...makes me want to obsess about food. I'm going to find some pumpkin recipes and post them sometime today. I LOVE PUMPKIN so this is my favorite time of year.

Later, I'm picking up some freecycle stuff. Not sure what else the day will bring, but I'll be OP for sure.

I'm thinking soon of getting a family picture done for the holidays. Our last picture as a family has got to come down off the wall. I weighed 250 lbs. in it and I look totally different now. Time to get a picture up on the wall that reflects the new me!

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-15-08

Uki, how exciting about your kid's baptizims. We baptize as infants so it is something when older kids make the decision.
Carrie, you definately need to have a new picture taken. You've worked hard to get where you are you should celebrate it.
I have friends coming for supper tonight so have to clean off the couch so they have a place to sit. I have to work till 6 so I'm going to set the table before I leave at 2 so that I can fly in and get the food on the table. I've got a giant crockpot full of beef stew and will have Jim turn on the oven so I can pop the rolls in when I get home. My friend is bring dessert. Don't know what she is bringing but I'm planning on having a small serving. We have all been friends for over 25 years and this summer it seems we have been so busy that we have hardly seen each other.It's nice to have friends that you can pick up with no matter how long you have been apart. That's kind of how I feel about all of you here.
I plan to be OP today. I got on the scale and I've lost most of the weight I gained while we were gone last week. I always gain when we travel. I won't be able to get to a meeting this week so guess I'll just keep on doing what I'm doing and hopefully when I get to a meeting I'll have a big loss. I wanted to get below 200 by my birthday Nov 2 but if I don't get busy I won't make it. Still need to lose about 4-5 pounds. Oh well, I'm not going to put pressure on myself.
Have a good day


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-15-08

Hi all!
I am OP with you for another 24. Back from Fall Break in Florida. Had a great time - it was not so hot and the beach was just amazing. Took the boys to Disney for their Not So Scary Halloween Party - the park was not too crowded and they could get on just about all the rides and they even gave out trick or treat candy (just what I needed!) by the handful! I was afraid to see what the scale had to show me this morning - but it wasn't so bad - guess you can induldge a little and still stay semi-OP as long as you keep up with the exercise - love to run on the beach so peaceful looking at the ocean.

Came back home just in time for my 23rd anniversary (yes, DH had to work and did not join us on our trip) and was surprised with a new Trek road bike that I have been eyeing for a long time - it actually is on order and will hopefully be come in in a few more days - cant wait. DH said he figured a new bike was a good gift to keep up with my new healthy lifestyle. I guess I know why I have stayed with him all these years! My old bike is really in sad shape and I can't wait to take the new bike out for a long, long ride.

A friend of mine is teaching her first spin class today and I am going to be her guest at the health club to take her class - should be fun.

Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-15-08

Oh Marilyn!!!! A new bike... (wipes drool from face)

I got my bike 6 years ago - it is a Specialized "event" bike which is designed for triatholons. I love it. There is a story to go with it.

When Anna was about 2 years old, Scott asked if I wanted a really nice bike and I said yes. My current bike was a road bike he basically had pieced together from other bikes we had here or had found in the trash - literally! As I rode more and more, he felt I had earned a good bike. Well, I got pregnant with Mitch, and it didn't seem a good time to buy a bike.

We were on vacation on Lake Erie 3 weeks before my due date and I was riding around the state park. It was a sight to see - my stomach was enormous and I has to pedal with my legs all out to the side to accomodate my big belly, but I was desperate to ride. I missed it terribly. I only was riding a couple miles, but it made me feel better. I have no idea if it was the bike riding or just a twist of fate, but my water broke up there while we were on vacation one night. We panicked because we had this goofy HMO at the time, and I was terrified to not deliver in one of the approved hospitals. I was afraid they would stick us with the bill. So Scott drove me the 1 1/2 hours back to our hospital. As we are driving, the contractions are getting closer and stronger. What kept me going was envisioning this WICKED hill we ride, and I would see myself riding up it with each contraction.

We got to the hospital at 1:00am and Mitch was born at 1:30am! My water had broken around 11pm, so the whole thing was about 3 hours. It all happened so quickly that I had no pain medication at all. The delivery was blur. The cord was around his neck and they had to cut it right away. Had we not been traveling at night, we would have been in rush hour conditions with contruction and Mitch would have been born on the side of the road. I fear he would have died because of the whole cord around the neck thing. God really looked after us!

Anyway, after Mitch was born, I began riding my clunker at 2 weeks postpartum. By 4 weeks postpartum, I was back up to 70 miles a week and Scott asked if I wanted the new bike. He said I had more than earned it with Mitch's delivery! LOL We went to the bike store and I test rode a couple bikes and picked out mine. I named it New Bike, and even though it is not new anymore, the name has stuck.

Sometimes, I covet a new bike, but I love mine and it is a perfect fit for me. Plus, I have great memories of how it came to be mine.

Marilyn, may you enjoy the gift of your new bike and the immense feeling of freedom you have when you ride it. There is no feeling like it in the world.