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Hey guys!! HUGE NSV here. I was out today running errands and visiting folks and one of my older "grandpas" was trying to be kind and gave me a 1/2 layer cake from the Giant Eagle bakery. Those of you who know me, know that this is my BIGGEST downfall. Giant Eagle bakery cakes are torture for me. There is nothing I like more and I could literally have eaten 1/2 of what he gave me with no problem. Now, refusing it was out of the question - it would have broken his heart. So, what to do???? I didn't want to pitch it, but would have. I got it home and sliced it up in pieces, put the pieces in tupperware and froze them individually for Scott's lunch. I DIDN'T EAT ANY OF IT! I can't even believe it!!!!! The pieces are all portioned out for him and all I did was lick the knife. I QUIT AFTER THAT!

I am on top of the world. :)

Re: NSV!

Way to go Uki. I'm not sure I could have done that. I LOVE store bought cake esp. the frosting. You done good girl


Re: NSV!

Yay, you do it! Cake is my downfall too.

Re: NSV!

WOW you are so strong - I could not have done that especially if it was chocolate - my fav! I would have had to put it down the disposal LOL

You rock!

Re: NSV!

Good job on that one! My WW leader in Kettering, OH once shared with us how she ruled out her favorite Red Velvet Cake when she started WW. Then after not having it all for a very long time, in fact so long that she was already a WW leader and she lost a lot of weight, she finally gave in to the craving. She had her hubby pick one up from the store and it was one of the huge cakes like what you get at Sams. She said she ended up eating half of it by herself! After she came to her senses she through the rest of it in the trash, must to her hubby's disappointment! LOL! Just goes to show that we all have a bit of weekness in us. Way to go Ukisuki on not giving into it!