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Daily commitment thread 10-16-08

Good morning!

Here's hoping everyone had a great OP day yesterday and is ready for another one today!

We had a nice date night yesterday and did have Subway for dinner, so that made it so easy to stay OP. I love their subs and the baked lays, so it still felt like a treat.

Since Diane didn't post yesterday, I suspect she has a new grandchild. Congratulations to you, Diane! What a wonderful blessing. I hope everyone is doing well.

Not much planned for today. It is raining here, so I will do the bike on the trainer or the treadmill today. I also have chores to do too. That is about it. A slow day is fine by me. :)

What are you up to today?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-16-08

Hi Uki, I was so inspired to read how you survived being given that cake! What an accomplishment for you and what an inspiration you are to all of us. I'd have had to squirt soap all over it and put it in the garbage, lol, to keep from eating it all! Sorry I haven't been able to check in each day, but I am keeping up on my daily OP committment. I work full time and my life is so hectic after work with meetings and checking on my mom in a skilled nursing facility, that early am. before work, is my best time to work out. I am OP all the way these days, with exercise and healthy eating, but am experiencing the frustration of being stuck on a plateau for the past several weeks...came down only .5 in the last 3 weeks or so. Am more aware than ever that this journey is about far more than the scale readings, but certainly want to lose the last 30 pounds of a 90 pound loss, and want to continue to improvem stamina, strength, flexibility, clothes fit, etc. Checking in here sure helps and is very centering. Take care everyone...hope it's a good day for all. Love, Maajida and congrats to Diane...having a grandchild is one of life's greatest joys. Mine is 18 mos. and when he yells "gandma!" and flings his arms around my neck, of course my heart melts...and each passing OP day gives me more energy to treasure my time with him.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-16-08

Good morning everyone! I'm busy here at work. Had a great OP day yesterday. It was kind of late last night and my feet were killin me, but I still pushed myself to walk on that treadmill 40 min. I felt very 'accomplished' when I stepped off of it. The weather has finally turned "fall" here in my neck of the woods and a coat is definately needed for this weekend. I went out after work and bought a new dress coat (b/c my last one is 2 sizes too big, heheh). Hated dropping $110.00 for it, but I figured , hey, haven't bought one in quite awhile, so... Now, I just need to find something casual and something that doesn't "bulk" me up, haha. And, I need it before Sat. fall festival at church. So much to do and so little time.

Tonight I have to head down to the church and decorate my classroom. Our dedication services for our new building are next week and I have to get this done b/c people are going to be given tours and coming into the classroom to see the rooms. Not what I want to do tonight, but once it's done, it's done.

Anyway, hope you all are having a good day and are OP all the way.

Diane - any baby news??

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-16-08

YES, I HAVE NEWS........

Lilly Grace was born at 1:22 a.m. today, so it was a long day yesterday. Got home from the hospital this morning around 3:00 and managed to get 3 hours sleep.

She took her time arriving, but Mom, Dad, and Lilly are doing good. She weighed in at 7 lb 15 oz and was 19 1/2 in long. Most beautiful baby ever, as all grandparents say! We now have a treasure of four boys and four girls.

I was prepared for OP yesterday, but such a long day and being anxious about the delivery, made me not get in all of those necessities. I didn't want to leave the waiting room, so managed eating salad, apple, rice cakes, etc. One day wasn't going to mess me up, so it's OP today all the way.....but MUST go back to check out those tiny fingers, tiny toes......

Thanks for all the congrats.....hope you all are having a great OP day.

Diane S

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-16-08

Good to check in even if it is late in the day. This was a long day and I just got home. I was on my feet all afternoon and my back is killing me. Guess it gets worse the older you get. I've been doing pretty well staying OP even when I have to eat in the car. I'll be glad when we are done with flu shots again for this year.