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Daily commitment thread 10-17-08

Good morning! There are 3 happy kids here because they have no school today. It is a teacher inservice day and the kids get the day off. :)

We are planning to head out in the morning and go to the library and the collectable cards store. We also need to stop at the pharmacy and bank and then we will meet my mom for lunch at BK. It should be a nice day off for them.

I will do the treadmill first thing this morning to get it our of the way.

What are you up to today? Oh, and OP today for sure! LOL

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-17-08

The cover felt good this a.m., but I got up at 6:00 finally and have been uploading new pics of Lilly (imagine that).

They will be going home from the hospital sometime today, so we will be going down there for a while this afternoon.

It hasn't been hard staying OP...just haven't had food on my mind! LOL! I'd much rather be holding the baby!

It will be an OP day for sure! In fact, I am heading to the kitchen for some oatmeal to warm me up from the chill of the morning!

Hope your day is GRAND!

Diane S

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-17-08

We are going to take a tour of a new school program for my oldest today - if all goes well he will start school on Monday - yeah!

Then it is off to the bike store to pick up my new bike (birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. present for the next 5 years LOL) and I plan on a nice long bike ride WHOO HOO

Might take to dogs out for a walk this morning - is sunny, but in the 50's right now.

Have a great day everyone.

Uki- what do your kids look for at the trading card store? Mine used to be into pokemon and yugi-oh big time?


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-17-08

good morning...here's to another OP day no matter what the scale says, lol. Nervous today about a big staff potluck at lunch - worried it will be an extreme challenge to my OP efforts...am posting my concern here, so I can put myself on notice for accountability and so I can come back and post how I did at the end of the day. Take care...have a great day, everyone..Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-17-08

OK, I survived....I brought my own meal choices to the luncheon...(nobody noticed), and picked a few tastes of a salad and a small serving of dessert as my treats...purposely upped my calories for the day, and avoided what previously would have been a binge situation! Whew, I made it! Maajida