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Menu thread for 10-17-08

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2 - I may have to change this around, I had low blood sugar yesterday about 2 hours after eating this. That has never happened before with this combo.

L: BK grilled chicken sandwich on the smaller Whopper Junior bun, no mayo, extra lettuce and tomato, small onion rings, diet coke

D: spaghetti and Aldi's turkey meatballs, veggies,

Treat: WW ice cream cup and toppings

Re: Menu thread for 10-17-08

Uki, are those turkey meatballs from Aldi's any good?

Good morning everyone. I had a great day yesterday, stayed OP and I was dead tired, but I walked on the treadmill anyway...I told myself to do at least 30, and when I got to 30, I said...go another 5 min....so I did...and then when that was up...something took over and I did another 5 min for a total of 40. Then, I collapsed in the chair until I recovered. I was just beat.

I have a busy evening planned of grocery shopping and getting some loads of laundry done. I won't be around a computer much tomorrow. Our church is having a fall festival and I'm in charge of the games and so I'll be leaving early tomorrow to help set up. Afterwards, I have to clean the church and get it ready for Sunday. I'll have to see how I'll feel after all that. I know there's going to be a bon fire and ham/bean dinner (yuck) so my plan is to drive down to subway and get me something. I have to bring a dessert, but I'm gonna bake a diet soda cake and use cool whip and halloween sprinkles. That's my plan anyway.

Well, have a good one...I'll be busy next day or so, so everyone do their best to stay OP!

Re: Menu thread for 10-17-08

I just noticed this was supposed to be the menu thread...Oops! Sorry!

Breakfast - waffle w/strawberry cream cheese.
Lunch - Chili, crackers, apple
Snack - honey maid cheesecake bar
Dinner - not a clue.....lol...

Re: Menu thread for 10-17-08

B'fast - Oatmeal with cooked apple (already had 2 cups of coffee trying to "warm up", but maybe oatmeal will do the trick)

Lunch - Veggie omelet with homemade salsa

Dinner - Haven't quite decided, but may marinate some chicken tenders and do kabobs with veggies.

Snack - Yogurt, PB2 on something (LOVE IT! I've started adding chocolate to mine and could just lick the bowl! LOL!)

Re: Menu thread for 10-17-08

B: hard boiled egg
100 cal english muffin with ICBNB spray
coffee with ff milk and sf/ff hazelnut creamer

L: turkey wrap on FO bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, etc
bag of soy chips

Snack: flat pretzels and laughing cow cheese and maybe an afternoon light coffee frapachino from Starbucks if it warms up around here (my son likes Starbucks - expensive habit to start - but he gets to go on Friday's after school)

D: not sure yet - might go out to local pizza place - they have a great (big) salad with grilled chicken - will bring my own dressing

Dessert: WW yogurt frozen with a dollop of ff cool whip