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Woo Hoo!! Aimee is on the board, y'all!!

Just a heads up to tell everyone that Aimee has been spotted posting on the board. Yay!! It is so good to see her here.

Aimee, fill us in on how you are and what you have been doing. We sure love having you here and are deeply grateful to you for allowing us to post here and share our journeys.

Welcome home!


Re: Woo Hoo!! Aimee is on the board, y'all!!

LOL! I pop in from time to time. I just don't usually have time to post. I had the day off, so I thought I'd see what you guys are up to lately. Usually if I have some extra time, I update my daily blog first (which isn't so daily anymore). I live a rather boring life these days. Mostly just work, work and more work. Ahhh life! :) I am taking a little road trip tomorrow with a lady I work with at the hospital. We're going to head down to Natural Bridge in KY to do some hiking and see wherever else we end up. I figure if we get lost, we'll just push the "home" button on the GPS and let it guide us back. :)

Uki, I want to take the time to thank you for keeping things flowing here since I don't have much time anymore. I really appreciate it.

I'm off to Dayton now to drop Riley (my dog) off at "Grandma and Grandpa's" for a weekend stay. :)

Take Care everyone!


Re: Woo Hoo!! Aimee is on the board, y'all!!

Aimee, so glad to see your posting. I barely had gotten time to get to know you before the board changed and you were gone. I will never forget how centering and comforting finding this site was and how you worked to help me through some posting problems that I was having when I first came to the site. Best of luck to you, Aimee, and thanks also to Uki who is the glue that has kept so many of us together lately. I'd have gone back to old destructive ways so many times, if it weren't for find this place to make a daily OP committment at. Thanks to both of you, Sincerely, Maajida