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Just wanted to say hi and tell you to fill us in on the new bike. I posted a couple days ago on the daily thread, the story of how I got my "new bike," 6 years ago. What a wonderful gift.

My kids are into Yugioh too. Wes was into pokemon a couple years ago, but now it is Yugioh. He collects the cards and belongs to a forum where they trade them through the mail. We joke and say that at the rate he is going, he can finance his college education with his card collection. LOL

Re: Marilyn...

I just noticed this post today - sorry - weekends tend to be pretty hectic around here and I didn't get much of a chance to check the board.

I got a Trek Madone Women's Specific bike - it is my first road bike. I have been eyeing the trek line for a while and my husband was nice enough to surprise me with one that was even better than I was looking at. He said he was making an investment in my continued good health - he figured a bike was a better present to get than jewelry or something else. I went to pick the bike up the other day and was amazed at the way the technician in the bike store "fit" the bike to me - he put the bike on the trainer and showed me how to use the gears (different from my old bike) and then he measured all different things and adjusted the seat, handlebars, and even my new bike shoes too - this is the first time I am wearing cleats on a bike - so many new things to learn. I took it out a few times around my neighborhood this weekend to get comfortable and took it to the bike trail today for my first real ride - all I can say is awesome!

The woman in the store said she has done some trips with Trek Travel - one to the Napa valley and one to Italy - Wow - maybe once the kids are grown I can plan something like that!

Anyhow, funny how losing weight can really change your whole outlook on life - never thought I would get so excited about bike riding.