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Daily commitment thread 10-18-08

Well, we have a fun day planned today! We are driving to WV to show the kids where I grew up. It is about 3 hours away, so we will be heading out really soon.

We plan to have lunch at this amazing Mexican place that I used to eat at when I was in college. It is so not points friendly, but I am having what I want. I haven't eaten there in over 10 years, so I am indulging for that one meal. LOL

Maaj, it is so great to here how well your day went yesterday! You have come so far and have grown so much in your journey. Huge victories for you! Way to go!

Off to make a point friendly breakfast to help counter my lunch.

Have a wonderful day!

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-18-08

Uki - have fun, one meal indulgence will not hurt you.

I'm off in a min. for the fall festival that our church is putting on for the surrounding community. I was on the gaming committee. I'm already worn completely out and it hasn't started. It's a western theme and I must admit...I look pretty cute, LOL.

This might be one of those "no count" days...I'm not really able to prepare my own food...I'll just have to see how it goes today. I didn't get any "formal" workout in last night b/c of all the errands I had to do...my feet would have given up on me if I had.

Well, everyone have nice day and I'll fill you all in later this eve.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-18-08

good morning! Uki, thanks so very much for your kind words of encouragement...it means the world to me. Have fun today! I am so looking forward to a good OP day...a combination of 'need to do' things, ie gym, visit my mom, house 'organizing'...etc., but also hoping for some R and R...time to nap, read, play piano, etc. Balance, balance, balance...it seems that there is no area of my life that that concept doesn't affect. Take care everyone....maajida