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Menu thread for 10-19-08


B: eggbeaters, canadian bacon and lite wheat toast

L: Not sure, maybe soup and sandwiches????

D: Not sure again. The big kids are at youth group, so it will be just the 3 of us. Something easy...

Why am I posting?? LOL I have no clue what I am making.

Re: Menu thread for 10-19-08

B- grits and "runny" eggs I splurged and had one slice of bacon
L- leftover whole wheat pasta with veggies and tomatoes, apple, milk
Snack- grapes and banana
S- Balsamic chicken and mushrooms, quoina, some veggies maybe ice cream or maybe a baked apple., milk

Re: Menu thread for 10-19-08

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - SouthWest Grilled Chicken Salad from McDonalds and 100 cal. cake
Snack - choc. chip cookie
Dinner- Chile and Crackers
Snack - Grapes

Re: Menu thread for 10-19-08

Here's the update...

L: Toaster grilled cheese, baked sweet potato with FF cream cheese

D: Filet mignon and baked potato with FF promise

Treat: ice cream cup with toppings

Not as many veggies as I should have, but okay overall...