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Daily commitment thread 10-21-08

Well, I am a bit under the weather, so we will see how the day goes. I started yesterday just feeling tired, with a headache that wouldn't quit, and my stomach felt yucky. I plowed through the day, but went to bed aefore 9:30p, which is not like me. I feel better today, but I am not sure if I am 100%. I will wait it out. I can rest today if I need to.

OP today - that is easy, unfortunately, when you are sick. Nothing sounds good to eat. Blech!

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-21-08

Uki - hope you feel better today.

I'm just at work. Pretty boring day here. Plan to get some dusting done around here and get ready for a busy schedule tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Have a good one.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-21-08

I have the day off. Yeah. Slept in till 8:30, felt so good. Today is my only day home so need to get laundry done. I have to wear all white uniforms when I do the flu shot clinics and only have enough for 1 week. We're going to friends tonight for supper. I offered to make one of the soups she wants to have. I suggested split pea or veggie, both which I can make core. Hope everyone has a good day. Uki feel better, I have heard from people all over who are having this stomach thing. Hope I don't get it.


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-21-08

Hope you feel better as the day goes along, Uki. It's no fun when you're "under the weather".

I have a busy day. Plan to go see Lilly sometime today and her Mom and Dad, of course! LOL! I'm having withdrawal since I haven't seen her since Saturday.

I plan to be OP for sure. I almost got myself into trouble last night around a "snack" that was left over from the meeting. Why does that happen when I am trying so hard this week to try to get this 1/2 pound off for my 50 total!!! The devil knows how to present a weak moment!!!

Everyone enjoy the beautiful fall day wherever you are!

Diane S