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Menu thread for 10-21-08

I am starting this for everyone, but since I don't feel too good, I am not sure what I am eating...

B: Hopefully my waffles and PB2

L: Maybe soup or toast?

D: Supposed to be the sloppy joes we didn't have last night, oven baked fries, and veggies...

We will play it by ear.

Re: Menu thread for 10-21-08

Breakfast - protein bar
Lunch - leftover chicken/noodles and grapes
Snack - Turtle Chex Bar
Dinner - Chicken patty, apple
Snack - Ice Cream Treat

Re: Menu thread for 10-21-08

Hope you feel better Uki.
B- Oatmeal with apple
L- quinoa salad with chicken
S- at a friend's I think soup, bread and a small slice of her apple cake

Re: Menu thread for 10-21-08

B'fast - Cereal, yogurt, crushed pineapple parfait

Lunch - Taco Soup

Dinner - Grilled chicken, sweet potato, green beans

Snack - Apple with PB2