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Daily commitment thread 10-22-08

Another slow day on the board yesterday. Folks are busy!

I am feeling better - thank you for all the well wishes. I must have had a 24 hour bug, and thankfully, no one else got it as well. Yuck!

Scott has a short day today so I am going to try to get everything done before noon, so that we can enjoy our day this afternoon. I don't know what we will do, but it is date night...

We started a 40 day bible study called the Love Dare, and are on day 2. Yesterday our dare was to say nothing negative to our spouse, and today's dare is to repeat that and to add a random act of kindness... Gotta come up with a good one. Any ideas?

OP for today. I am not sure where we are eating tonight, so I will just have to make a good choice once we get there.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-22-08

Good morning everyone; hope everyone is doing well.

I had a pretty good OP day yesterday, but looking over my journal from yesterday I will say this....way to many carbs! I ate within my points yesterday, but nothing seemed to satisfy me and that's the problem with carbs. I also paid for it with a big/fat headache. My morning yesterday was crazy and I couldn't remember if I took my Metformin, so now I'm thinking I didn't. I didn't want to double up on it, but I'm thinking now I must not have taken it at all. So, today, I want to get in more good stuff and a few less carbs.

My work is starting a Biggest Loser type of contest on Monday. For every pound I gain, I have to pay $1 and for every pound I lose, I pay 50 cents. I weigh in weekly and then at the Christmas party, whoever has lost the most gets the money in the pots plus something else like a gas card. They are still working out the details, and me being competitive said "count me in." I just wish the weight would come off a little faster...darn thyroid problem.

Anyway, have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-22-08

Late starting today!!! Uki, glad you're better and the rest of the family didn't get the "bug". Have a fun afternoon with your husband and a fun date night. I'll have to think about that random act of kindness.

Carrie, good luck in the competition! You can show them all! Sounds like fun!

My day changed yesterday and we ended up having dinner with our son. Laura made chili that was so good and I indulged with a few Fritos, etc. I tried to allow for the points, though, and hope I did okay. What did I tell you!! It's going to be AMAZING to me if I get that 1/2 pound off at weigh-in Saturday!

It's a good OP day today, though. I tried the new Fiber One pop tart things a little bit after I ate my b'fast. It was so good with coffee(as a dessert! LOL!)
I had bought them week before last, but hadn't tried them. One of our local stores has them on sale this week for 99 cents a box - add runs from today til next Wedensday - and Wal-Mart will ad match, too! I will definitely have to stock up on them!

Have a GREAT OP DAY, everyone....


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-22-08

Today was a short day at work. I'm now watching last night's Biggest Loser. Have to go to the Dr. this afternoon need all my prescriptions rewritten and will tell him about the pain in the back. Think I need to go to the chiropracter but don't have the time right now.
Yesterday wasn't too good OP. Did fine till I went to friend's for supper. I made a core veggie/chicken soup but got into the bread and then the apple cake for dessert. Will do better today.
I love the idea of a Biggest Loser challenge at work I'd be signing up also if we had such a thing.
Carrie, I had the same problem remembering if I took my daily medicines so I got the containers that are marked for AM & PM of each day. If I can't remember I just look to see if the pills are still there. Guess the older I get the more help I need.
Have a good day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-22-08

so glad to come and post of my OP committment....have a touch of the flu, but am hanging in there....maajida