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I'm telling myself this:

"Slow and steady wins the race."

How many times have we heard this phrase in our lives? I've heard it countless times, heck, I've even repeated it once or twice to my kids (I'm starting to sound like my mother, LOL).

This is so true with weight loss. We all know that the slower we lose the weight, the more likely we are to keep it off in the long run. Sometime the journey getting to the finish line is frustrating. For me, the longer this journey becomes, the more I find myself changing. It is providing me with more time to learn better eating habits, experiment with new foods/recipes and it's becoming more and more of a lifestyle. I'm not the same person I was 2 years ago.

I hope this all makes sense as we all go "onward and downward."

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I completely agree. When I first started WW about 2 years ago I remember how I struggled and as time has passed it became easier until it has become my life style. I still have times when I over eat and that's okay because I know I will be right back on track.

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I agree too! When I look back at where I was when I started, it seems a million years away. My changes were slow and gradual, and sometimes I would get so discouraged that things were moving so slowly. But now, I am grateful because the slow changes were permanent ones and I have a totally different outlook on food. Those quick changes are the ones that are temporary.

I think change takes us time to accept and when it occurs too quickly, we cannot really adapt. Slow is the way to go!

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I totally agree with all of you. Before when I have been on WW, my lifestyle did not change, but this time I have decided that:


So, I have been pleased with progress, be it slow, however, because I finally came to the conclusion that the only way to keep it off would be those life changes. Not only am I eating better, I am incorporating the exercise, focusing on meal planning, and mainly thinking of the health changes I am making! Now instead of "living to eat", I "eat to live"! Hope that doesn't sound too corny! LOL!

I don't care how long it takes me to reach my goal, I am just happy that I am making the changes in order to get there!


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You all have great thoughts. I'm sure doing the slow part. But I agree that a slow loss is best.


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I meant to get back on here later after I posted and tell you that I have a sticky note on the side of my computer cabinet that I copied from somewhere that says:

"A spectator cannot win the race!"

"As long as you cross the finish line, you'll get the same prize as everyone else, no matter how long it takes!"

I think that applies in a lot of areas, especially in our weight loss journey. Only if we participate in the race, will we ever get to the finish line. Personally, I like to think I'm the tortoise and you know how that story goes! LOL!

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such wonderful words of wisdom from all of you...just what I needed to be reminded of....thankyou, Maajida