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Off Topic - Prayer's Needed

Some of you may not realize, but I have 2 little ones. My youngest (3) gets croup like clockwork every Oct./April....and he's coughing his head off as I type this. It always involves a trip to the ER in the middle of the night and makes me a nervous wreck. I would appreciate it if you all would say a prayer for him when you read this.

Our church purchased a new building last year and we have spent the last year remodeling it for our needs. Our "dedication" services are tomorrow and Friday night. It's like a big church conference and lots of choirs and special speakers are coming from all over; it's a huge event. My second job is workign for my church and I have spent numerous hours around my "day job" gettin the building ready for these services. I really do not want to miss these services....please remember us if you will.


Re: Off Topic - Prayer's Needed

and Prayers and positive hopes are coming your way...best of luck. Maajida

Re: Off Topic - Prayer's Needed

Prayers headed your way for a speedy recovery for your little guy. Have they tried prednisone for him? That works so well for Mitch.


Re: Off Topic - Prayer's Needed

Sorry to hear about your little one - he is in our prayers. I would imagine it gets worse at night time. Does running a vaporizer or humidifier help him sleep? Hang in there!

We are recovering from a trip to the ER Tuesday night with my oldest - he fell off his bike and broke two fingers. He has Autism and it was quite an ordeal until we got to see the doctor - took him to the Orthopediac yesterday a.m. and they put on a different cast and he is doing much better. It is always something isn't it!


Re: Off Topic - Prayer's Needed

Carrie, hope your little one is better...and Marilyn, so sorry to hear what you have been through...hope things are much better and that recovery for both your kids will be speedy. Let us know how it goes. maajida