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Menu thread for 10-23-08

Well, let's see here. I will plan, but if my stomach doesn't agree, all is subject to change. LOL

I will admit, already, that this will be lacking in the 8HG's, because so much still is soooooo unappealing to me.

B: Nutrigrain waffles and PB2

L: Joseph's pita topped with something

D: Homemade pizza with tomatoes and turkey pepperoni

treat: ice cream cup (didn't want this yesterday though)

Re: Menu thread for 10-23-08

Uki - last night I made me a pizza on one of Joseph's wraps...yummy!!

Breakfast - Waffle w/strawberry cream cheese.
Snack - blackberry yogurt
Lunch - Turkey wrap, grapes, 100 cal. choc. cake
Dinner - chicken/noodles, green beans, mashed taters.
Snack - Apple and PB2

Re: Menu thread for 10-23-08

B: coffee with sf/ff creamer and skim milk
fage 0% yogurt with lite fruit cocktail
banana nut muffin (made the lite version of the new fiber 1 muffin mix)

L: big salad with leftover salmon from last night with lf honey mustard dressing

big cup of decaf tea - rain, rain and more rain today - having a hard time drinking water today so I am sipping on some tea

D: bought a rotisserie chicken at costco and I will reheat it
gonna try spaghetti squash - probably will spray it with ICBNB spray and sprinkle a little parmagiana cheese on top
coleslaw made with lite coleslaw dressing and a bag of shredded cabbage

snacks/dessert: very hungry today - have been trying to run faster and it is making me really tired and hungry - might have to add a few snacks in today to get my energy up. Made the fiber 1 haystacks with peanut butter - gonna have one of those for dessert. So good! I will post the recipe if anyone needs it - it is pretty available on line but I never made them before - even the kids like them.