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OT - Stomach flu and weird food dislikes?

This is off topic, but I just wondered what you all thought.

Since I had that weird flu, I am still not 100% normal. I am eating, but things that used to really appeal to me, just don't. My faves like sweet potatoes, boca burgers, veggies, and oddly enough, ice cream, totally gross me out. Now, I didn't come down with this flu after having eaten those foods, so I don't think it is that connection you make sometimes that a certain food caused you to become ill. Is it normal to develop weird dislikes like this? I am especially opposed to dairy right now. And no, I am not pregnant. LOL

Just wondered what everyone thought. Thanks!

Re: OT - Stomach flu and weird food dislikes?

Uki, my first thought was "pregnant", of course, but as I read further, you dispelled that notion!

That is weird that your appetite has changed! I would just do "bland" sort of stuff until you bounce back completely. Still try to get in your requirements, then you will probably be "ravenous" in a few days for everything you haven't had lately!

Sometimes, it takes several days or a week to get back to "normal". Just go with the flow for now and be sure and keep up your strength!

Hope you feel better soon.


Re: OT - Stomach flu and weird food dislikes?

I get like this where nothing sounds appealing after the flu. Might take you couple more days before your appetite returns.

When I was a kid, I came down with the flu at my grandmas's house and I vividly remember puking up orange Kool Aid. To this day, I despise just about everything orange flavored..that includes candy, soda, popsicles, orange juice.

My sister was like this with Pizza Hut pizza. She will not eat pizza from there, but everywhere else is ok....weird huh? LOL.