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Re: Daily commitment thread 10-24-08

Uki, I am amazed by you and all you do. I know you can, as we say in the south, "run circles around me".
And when you're not even back to 100% yet!

Thanks for asking about the baby. She is doing good. They had to put her on formula because she wasn't getting enough to eat, so she has settled into a sleeping pattern, somewhat! I will be going down again soon to see them. School got out at noon yesterday and out today, so I have three of the younger ones that spent the night last night and one asking to stay again tonight. If one stays, they'll all want to stay! LOL! We've had fun, though. We got creative in the kitchen and made "spooky eyes" and "Nutter Butter ghosts". I made them "Mummy dogs" for dinner! It's all about the memories I'm making with them!

Luckily I stayed out of the sweets, but I did have one of the hot dogs for my dinner!

Today should be an OP day for sure. I don't plan to make anything "strange" in the kitchen! LOL!

Tomorrow morning is my WW meeting, then my oldest grandson has a football game at 10:00. I have some shopping I want to do, plus I want to definitely go see Lilly, Brad, and Laura!

Hope you all have a wonderful day and a GREAT OP WEEK-END!


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-24-08

Good morning everyone!!!!

OK, first off....I did excellent on the food front yesterday even with all I had going on.

We made it to church...Brennan only lasted about 20 min. into the service (I was hoping for a least an hr. before I had to take him out)...his SS teacher offered to keep him in the nursery the rest of the service for me...that was so nice of her. He did have us up 3 times in the middle to the night so we finally propped him up on extra pillows and that seemed to help him, he finally dosed back off. Today, he has no fever or runny nose so I took him to daycare and told sitter to call me if she felt he needed to come home. He hardly coughed this morning, but you know as they lay down it gets a little worse. She's giving him medicine too for us...so I'll play tonight's service by ear. I brought my clothes to change into here at work and have my stuff to fix my hair. After 10:30 this morning, I we will have no patients b/c the dr. got called into her other office, so I'll have a chance to get myself ready w/o having to run home.

Hope everyone else is staying healthy...my hectic week has killed my workout routine so I'm trying to eat a few less points this week. I got up on the scale this morning and I was up about 2 lbs....not sure how that is b/c I'm eating lower points (still w/in my range, just at the lower end)...so maybe I shouldn't torture myself with the number on the scale. My clothes fit and I feel great.