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Re: Menu thread for 10-24-08

Breakfast - Waffle/Cream Cheese
Lunch - Baked Potato/Side Salad/Apple
Snack - 100 Cal. Cake
Dinner - ??? We talked about going out to eat before church and I'm not sure we ever narrowed it down to just where we were going, LOL..have to get back with you on this.
Snack - ??

Re: Menu thread for 10-24-08

B: coffee with ff/sf creamer and skim milk
vita top muffin cran bran

L: Buffalo chicken salad - see my post re: recipe

D: not sure - bought some veggie meatballs at Costo the other day - might throw them in some sauce and put them on some ww pasta. Really hoping DH might suggest we go out - really tired today - although don't necessarily know what I would be in the mood for if we went out so I should probably just cook. LOL

Snacks: still have some of those fiber 1 haystacks lurking around - gonna have to have another.
fruit salad


Re: Menu thread for 10-24-08

Marilyn - what is a fiber 1 haystack? I've not heard of those..