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Really good salad

Hi girls-
I am eating a really good salad right now that I came up with because I was in the mood for spicy. If you like spicy (as in buffalo wings) you might enjoy this - thought I would share since I am enjoying it so much

I took some chicken breast and cooked it in a pan with some Pam - or you could grill it or even use the chicken strips/cubes that you already buy cooked.

I made a basic salad with all my favorites - spring mix, spinach, tomato, carrot, purple onion, etc.

I made a sauce/dressing with some ff sour cream, a spoon of Marie's light blue cheese dressing and about 2-3 tablespoons of Archer Farms (Target brand) Buffalo blue Cheese Dipping Sauce (only 15 cal. per two tablespoons!) Once the chicken was cooked I cut it up and mixed it with the sauce and tossed it with my salad. Yummy. I think the chicken would be good over pasta or rice too. Gonna have to experiment.