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Daily commitment thread 10-25-08

I am up for the day now. Yesterday was good. I got lots done and the kids had fun with their friends.

Today I will ride the trainer for exercise. Wes has a friend coming over at 2p for a sleepover. He is the sweetest kid. It is like having another of my own here with him.

I am not sure what else I am up to. My stomach is still weird, but I am dealing with it.

What are you up to?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-25-08

I just a quick post to say my little one is much better. I made it to the services; had an awesome time. Stayed totally OP yesterday.

Last night we ended up at Chick Fil A and I had grilled chicken and a fruit cup. Was to tired to eat after the services so I had points I didn't even eat.

Hope everyone has a great OP day.

Uki - hopey you get better and over this soon.