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Re: Daily commitment thread 10-26-08

Didn't have time to get on here yesterday to post anything 'cause I was so busy.....WW meeting, football game, Kroger, getting dinner (chicken kabobs) ready to carry to son's house, visiting and holding LILLY, then returning home to fix our dinner. I was just a wee bit tired after that!!

I was sort of upset yesterday because I was up 1.5 pounds, but I could feel I would be, even before I got on the scales. I told you I would have a tough time since I was trying to get that 1/2 pound off! I didn't take time to do my exercising as faithfully last week, though, and I guess my body thought it could have a party or something! LOL! It needed to hang on to what I had eaten and I had allowed points for anything that was out of the ordinary. Oh, well, that's only the second gain since 1/13 and the other was only 1/2 pound. I guess I just like beating myself up over it! LOL! But as Scarlett said, "After all, tomorrow is another day!"

This is my TOMORROW.....I'm OP all the way, for sure!
Hope you are, too!