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Daily commitment thread 10-27-08

Better late than never, huh? LOL I woke up a little late this morning and wanted to get the guys off to work/school beofre I posted, so I would have some time to type.

All went well yesterday. I took the kids trick or treating and I am proud to say that I did not eat ANY candy! Woo Hoo!! This is kind of a major victory for me, because I used to be one of those people that would eat it if it was in the house. It didn't really matter if if was the kind I liked or not. If it was there, I would eat it.

Interestingly enough, there was a HUGE bowl of candy at church this morning that was left over from trunk or treat. There were Reese's in the bowl, which used to be my favorite. I looked at the familiar orange wrapper and felt... NOTHING. Nothing????? Nothing????? It was not too long ago, that my mouth would water upon site of that wrapper and now, I felt NOTHING! It was as if I truly didn't care. You hear about how "thin" people could take or leave food, well, I felt it yesterday. The same reaction occurred with the trick ir treat candy. I saw the Reese's wrappers and the peanut M&M wrappers and didn't care. Woo Hoo! What a victory.

So, today I have a bazillion chores to get caught up on from the weekend. I have swept the floors and started the laundry. 2 of 3 bird cages are cleaned, but I still have lots to do, so off I go. No matter what, OP today and NO HALLOWEEN CANDY FOR ME AGAIN!

How are you today?

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-27-08

Oh MY GOSH, Uki, what a major accomplishment re the candy and new way of looking at it. So thrilled for you! I am 'ok'...trying not to let stress affect my body..some tummy upsets which are limiting my food choices, as I hope my tummy settles down...not sure if it's stress or what. Could even be a reaction to a med, not sure. In any case, I did drop down two pounds, after an extended plateau...not sure if it was from being sick, but I will take progress any way I can get it. It's the beginning of a hectic week..work and home stuff and trying to find the right type of memory care place to move my mom to..an awesome decision. Take care everyone...have a good week, Maajida

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-27-08

Ok, here goes, my first day back OP since July. My husband is also going to do this with me so that'll help. He doesn't have nearly what I do to lose but he's a great support. Maaj, hope you start feeling better, good job on the 2 lb. weight loss and good luck in finding the right place for your mom. Uki, you're always here and that's so good to know.

Re: Daily commitment thread 10-27-08

Uki, what a success. I'm not sure I'll ever get to the point of not wanting sweets.
Maajida- hope you feel better soon. Congrats on the loss. I agree take a loss however you can get it.
Laura- Welcome back. It should help with your hubby doing this with you.
Yesterday was a good day for me. OP all day. Today will be also. I'm going to put a ham and sweet potatoes in the crockpot since I have to work till 4 and then an hour drive home. I've never made sweet potatoes in the crockpot but the book says to wrap them in foil and put in. Also wrap the ham in foil.
I'm going to the gym this morning for the first time in about a month. It will feel good to get into the pool. I went this morning to have a back x-ray. I'm having lots of pain in my back. I see the chiropractor tomorrow. Think the degeneration is moving up my spine. I had a spinal fusion 6 years ago in the low back.
Well better get the food in the crock and get ready to leave.
Have a great OP day everyone.


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-27-08

Maaj, Hang in there. I think I had that tummy thing last week and it was the pits. It did go away, but it was slow. CONGRATULATIONS on the loss!!!!! You broke the plateau, and we knew you would. :)

Laura, WELCOME BACK!! We really missed you and are sooooooo glad you are back and posting. I think it is great that your husband is going to do this too. Power in numbers...

Pat, I am so sorry to hear about your back. Is there anything that can be done? I imagine that is very painful. Prayers are headed your way.


Re: Daily commitment thread 10-27-08

Late posting anything today! Have been busy from the get-go, laundry, ironing, doing paperwork for my husband, talking on phone, etc.

I have been having a good OP day, though, haven't had time to be in the kitchen except for b'fast and to get some lunch.

It's always good to get on here and see what's going on with everyone else. Hope the rest of your day has gone well....