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Indian food

Does anyone have any good/weight-friendly Indian food recipes? I love chicken tikka masala, but it is SO bad for you........


Re: Indian food

I am sorry Jennifer, I am no help. I don't eat Indian food. Can anyone else help?

Re: Indian food

Jennifer, this website has lots of recipes I just scanned part of the chicken catagory and saw a couple chicken curry recipes. Don't know what else is there. These recipes are mostly Core



Re: Indian food

At this local Chinese place near me, they have this dish called "Indian Chicken"...OMG it is so good if you like spicy/hot!!

All I know is that it has chicken and jalapenos in it...last time I ate it I nearly shot flames across the table...but then again, I like spicy!!

Re: Indian food

Thank you both!! I love spicy food!

Re: Indian food

I often make this -


Although it is vegetarian it is very filling with some rice.

A great one pot meal - I ran the points a while ago and without butter it is 4.5 points per serving (you don't need the butter). The servings are very generous.

Good luck!

Re: Indian food

Thanks southernbbq! I'll try it soon!!