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Daily committment thread for 10-29-08

Happy Hump Day! LOL I hope this finds everyone doing well and having a good week. It sounds like everyone is busy with work and family and staying OP. These are all good things!

Today, I will get the treadmill out of the way early, and then head out to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. I don't have a lot to get, but youth group is at our house again this week (how did that happpen???) so I need food for about 12. I decided to just make up a deli tray this time - no cooking involved.

What are you doing today?

Re: Daily committment thread for 10-29-08

Good morning. Today is cold and very windy here. At least there is no snow on the ground. I'm off to the chiropractor this AM and then to the pool. Then I'm finally going to get to a WW meeting. Think I'll have to rejoin since it has been so many weeks. I got to the pool before work yesterday and it felt great being in the water.
I think since I have the whole day off I'm going to cook a "real"meal tonight. Not sure what that will be but Jim deserves a homecooked meal occasionally.

Hope everyone has a good OP day.


Re: Daily committment thread for 10-29-08

Good morning everyone! I had a great OP day yesterday on the food front.

Planning a surprise birthday party for my oldest. His birthday isn't until Nov. 15, but my wheels are turning this morning. I even went out shopping last night since some of the Halloween "stuff" is being marked down already. We're doing an Indiana Jones theme party in our garage and transforming it into a "tomb." So, found some really neat skulls that were marked down and lots of creepy crawlers/snakes.

I decided on the menu already and it's stuff I can eat. Hot dogs (my light ones - they won't know), celery and pb, baked lays. I'm super excited and I even have an awesome cake idea that incorporates angel food cake shaped into a snake and can be iced with low sugar icing and decorated with M/M's and a fruit roll up for a tongue...Neat, huh?? Anyway, I'm so excited and it is going to be a total surprise for Brady.

Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day.

Re: Daily committment thread for 10-29-08

Morning all, my husband and I had another great day OP yesterday. He did call me awhile ago and said they set up cheese spread and crackers at his work. I told him just go in and read the back of some of those fattening crackers (chicken in a biscuits, his fav's) and then he won't be tempted unless he wants to spend his pts. on them, that's up to him. I'm doing good except I need to get to the grocery store for some ingredients to make healthy meals.
It's a sunny day here in Michigan but oh, so cold. I love this time of year. Anybody else have a lot of Christmas shopping done yet?

Re: Daily committment thread for 10-29-08

Just now checking in. I've been at the daughter-in-law's today to babysit Lilly while she went in to work for a little bit. I enjoyed being there, but trying not to spoil Lilly by holding her the whole time! That was hard to do!!

I've been OP all day and am anxious to get in the kitchen to cook now. I haven't eaten much since I've been gone, so my stomach thinks I've gone on strike!

Hope evenyone has had a great day and will have an enjoyable evening. I love this "snuggly" weather.