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New here

Hi! I just found this board. I'm a 29 year old, sahm of 2, and am at 162 lbs. I want to lose 20 lbs. I love food. I feel so hopeless sometimes. Ok, there goes a happy intro. lol

Anywho, glad I found this place.

Re: New here

Hey, KentuckyGal......welcome aboard! This is a great bunch of girls who have helped me tremendously. Just having someone to sound-off to or ask questions, get encouragement....you name it!

Let us know any way we can help you.


Re: New here

KY Gal- Welcome. We will give you support if you post. There are several daily threads that we have found helpful. The daily commitment thread is helpful to post your plans to be on program (OP) for the day. Also we have been posting what our plans are for the day. The daily menu thread is where we post our plans for meals for the day. Not only does it help to get meal plans in your head, it also gives others ideas for their meals. There is also an exercise thread where you can post your daily exercise time.
Feel free to jump in with us. Most are on Weigh Watchers. I think most of the WW people are counting points. I'm doing the Core plan.
Hope to learn more about you as time goes on.


Re: New here

Welcome! I'm not yet a regular poster, but want to be. I -- like everyone else on Earth -- am dealing with lots of stressors, so I'm struggling, too. Even if you're not ready to totally commit, it is really encouraging to read the posts of those that are regularly doing it successfully. I keep trying! Don't give up, and don't compare yourself to anyone else. Who knows what each of us have w/respect to our lives' journeys.

Re: New here

Welcome KentuckyGal!! We are so glad you found us. Like Patty said, please feel free to post on any or all of the daily threads. Ask any questions you want - there are lots of us with WW experience. Most are on the flex plan, but there are several ladies here with a GREAT DEAL of knowledge of the core plan and they are following it with good results. We are more than happy to help in any way we can. Also, feel free to share any tidbits of information that has helped you, or a recipe or food find.

This is a warm, welcoming, and accepting board and the ladies here are the best!!


Re: New here

Welcome aboard to our little part of the world wide web! Glad you found us! The ladies on here have given me so much support for the last ....coming up on 2 years. I couldn't have "done it" without them..and it's crazy b/c we've never seen each other!! LOL!! Anyway, feel free to contribute as much as possible b/c it keeps us all motivated along the way. It's refreshing to have someone new to encourage and help along the way.