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Question - core versus flex plan

To all regular posters -- are most of you on the core or the flex plan? I struggle w/the fact that I like a lot of food, so I'm wondering if I should try the core plan instead.


Re: Question - core versus flex plan

Hi Jennifer,

Although, I am on flex, I believe from what you are saying, that you are right that you may do better on core. Many people say that they prefer core because of not counting points and just eating to satisfaction.

For me, the reason I chose flex was that I didn't want to have to "give up" my favorite foods that are not core. Now, keep in mind, you still get 35 points to use on core as well, and I thought about that too, but was still afraid that I would go over 35 points weekly in order to incorporate the foods I love into the plan.

My suggestion would be to commit to core for a week and see how you like it. If it is a good fit, continue. If after a week, you don't like it, switch back to flex. Both plans are great, it is just a matter of seeing which suits you. :)

Re: Question - core versus flex plan

I have not tried core for the same reason as Uki mentioned...it would be hard for me to give up some of my favorites that are not "core" and I feel like 35 points would be gone in no time no non-core items. Here's another thing...for me...I don't have a full/satisfied button. That's why I got fat, LOL!! I'm an overeater and if given the chance, I'll overeat everytime b/c I just don't have the control to say enough is enough. Maybe it's just my fear and maybe I do possess the control, but I've come to far to "test" it and see. Does that make sense? Thoughts anyone??

My only advice is if you are going to switch to core, make sure you're prepared ahead of time. Get what you need in the house to keep you on the Core program and get rid of the items that will call your name in the cabinet...for me, that would be nearly everything, LOL!!

Re: Question - core versus flex plan

I bounce in here daily to see whats going on, seems like everyone is doing well.. thats great to see.

I've been a flexer for 2 yrs and switched to Core
about 7 or 8 weeks ago.
All I can say is read read and do more reading before swithing over, and then shop and be prepared.
Theres a lot of planning, shopping and cooking to be successful on core...

I'm so glad I did it, I don't crave sweets any longer, such as the 100 cal packs of stuff, or ice cream, those were my big triggers for bad carbs.

The 35 WPA's you get to use for the week, if your doing core properly you have no need to really use them, maybe a few for non core foods, such as lite mayo.....
Using enough grains fill you, and when you learn where your satisfied area is, you won't have a problem with over eating....

When in core if your a life time and at goal. you get an extra 28 points a week besides the 25, so thats
63 points per week to use, or not to use.

Good luck Jennifer if thats the route you want to take.
I love core....

Re: Question - core versus flex plan

should have typed 35 not 25....

Re: Question - core versus flex plan

So glad to see you on here Tobe!! I also have been too chicken to try core. I'm back to counting points, I have been a lifetimer for almost 5 years now, but this past spring/summer I fell off the wagon and rolled down a hill for about a mile, LOL! I have been OP since mid-September and am feeling better about myself everyday. I think once I get back to were I want to be (baby steps) I will try core. I have heard great things about it.

Re: Question - core versus flex plan

Hey Tobe, so you are on core now. Have you lost anymore weight or are you still maintaining? I've thought about trying core out but haven't read much about it. I can't believe you get so many extra pts. that just might sabbatoge me, but I guess if you don't use them it's not a big problem. Good seeing you here on the boards again.

Re: Question - core versus flex plan

Hi Susie. and Hi Laura
yup missed you guys...

I was so bored on Flex, and found when I was eating treat all low cal low fat, such as 100 cal pks, and WW Ice cream or Skinny Cow. I wanted more, and i saw a change needed to be made.
I didn't gain any weight back, but I could see myself getting into trouble on flex.
so core is what I decided to do..
I read and read some more, went shopping, got all the flex foods out, and restocked with Core..
so I was ready

First week I lost 2 lbs
2nd week i gained .4
3 wk no weigh in, had something to do that morning
4th week lost another lb.
this week I didn't weigh in, I wasn't feeling well.

so we'll see what this tues wi brings.
I really don't want to lose anymore..

being on Core, I find with all the gains and lean meats I'm not looking for anything after dinner..

If i do have something it'll be an apple or a bag
of 94% popcorn, but uaully I don't have anything..

I also was afraid it wouldn't work for me, as I tried it once before and gained a little, but I didn't give my body a chance to adjust, it takes a few weeks for core to really kick in..

and I have to watch when that satisfied feeling not full or stuffed, but satisfied feeling, thats when its time to sit back and assess, if I'm still hungry or just a habit to finish a plate of food..

A lot of $$$ is also saved not bringing sugar based
treats in...

The receipes are fun, filling and more healthy than flex.
I guess Patty can attest to that, being she's on core.

I'm not pushing core, I'm just sharing what I'm doing..

Re: Question - core versus flex plan

All of you have given great advise. I've been on Core since the spring and I feel so much better. My biggest suggestion is to get on the WW message board for Core and read. I got more info from there than from any of the WW materials. You need to use either your week 1 book or the food companion book to decide what is core. Plan to stay on it for a few weeks for your body to adjust. I've been able to come off my diabetes medicines due to my diet. I've eaten grains that I've never even of heard of before WW. It takes a while to figure out what satisfaction is to know when to stop eating. I've heard that when you "sigh" during your meal is when you should stop. I still struggle with portion size and my losses are slow because of it. You'll find it is harder to eat on the go, it's hard to stop into a fast food place to pick up lunch (of course you can use your extra 35 points) but grain salads pack nicely.
Good luck