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Daily committment thread for 10-30-08

Good morning to all the regular posters as well as the new ladies we have joining us! Here is wishing you all a wonderful OP day.

Yesterday was good. I got my running around done in the morning. Got the youth group stuff and a few groceries from wal-mart. Did the treadmill for an hour and got some chores done too.

My pastor called and our church is going to be providing Thanksgiving dinner supplies to a few needy families this season. He asked if I would head it all up. I was happy to. So, I will be collecting donations, and then will be in charge of buying the rest of the supplies and putting the bags of groceries for each family together. This will be so much fun!

Today Anna goes to the allergist for her asthma check up and then I drop her at school. I plan to ride the trainer before we go, so I set it up last night. After that, chores until the kids get home and we have to tackle homework.

What are your plans?

Re: Daily committment thread for 10-30-08

Good morning everyone!

Good to see a couple new faces on here lately. I managed to stay OP yesterday, but it was a struggle. Last night, I just wanted to nibble while putting around in the house...and that wasn't good b/c I didn't have the points to do so...anyway, I don't think a few prezels will throw me off to much, right?

I'm gearing up as I said yesterday for my son's birthday party on the 15th....DH and I dropped the boys of at grandmas house last night and we ran around to party stores looking for stuff being clearanced for the "tomb" in my garage. We got some really great deals...but I'm going broke, lol!

Would anyone happen to have a soundtrack to Indiana Jones that they might be willing to burn a copy for me (oops, is that legal?) Anyway, I checked the library and they don't have a copy at all which was disappointing.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Re: Daily committment thread for 10-30-08

I'm OP as well today, along with my hubby. Things have been going good on the food front, just can't wait to get to the store tonight to get a variety of things.
Uki, our church also gives bags of groceries away at Thanksgiving time to the people who need it, it's a great outreach.
My mom just informed me that they want to take my brother and wife and my hubby and I out to dinner soon to Texas Roadhouse. Does anyone have one of these around them? They are delicious and what I usually get there is not WW friendly. I thought if I saved up my 35 pts. and so many pts. for that day I could maybe split it with my husband. I do love there salads though. Have a great day everyone.

Re: Daily committment thread for 10-30-08

Good afternoon. I was out of the house early for work. So far so good for today. Ate lunch at Wendy's (small chili 4 points) side salad and a kiddie frosty (have to look up points on that). We are going to dinner tonight but think I'll have grilled fish and a baked potato. Might splurge on dessert since this is my birthday dinner. Sunday I'll be 60. I don't feel like what I thought 60 looks like.
I went back to WW yesterday for the first time in 4 weeks. I was going to reregister since that is cheaper. Registration was $25 a month ago now it is $40. Don't know what WW is thinking except ripping us off. With all the talk of making us a more healthy society they go and raise the prices so much that people will have a hard time justifying joining. Anyway I lost 1.2#. Not great but with my erratic eating schedules with my job and being on vacation for a week in there I was happy. Didn't make my goal of being below 200 by my birthday (I did see 199.6 on my home scale once a couple weeks ago) but I'll make it in a few weeks.

Hope all have a good day


Re: Daily committment thread for 10-30-08

WOW...late again! Was back to babysit Lilly again today...so much fun when they are itty bitty!

I went better prepared today. Was going to eat my b'fast going down the freeway, but so much traffic, I decided that was a little bit too dangerous! LOL! So, I ate after I got there. My coffee always holds me over for a while...just don't have an appetite for early morning food (if you can imagine that!!!) Then I had carried my lunch so I would know what points I had. I hate eating out of someone else's fridge and not having my own stuff!! I had a two-point Fiber One bar for lunch yesterday!! That's why I was hungry for dinner!!

Uki, you amaze me at all you do! It is so rewarding to be a part of the holiday outreach with food, etc. Our Sunday School class has one at Thanksgiving and Christmas. We collect Coins for Christmas once each month of the year, do the shopping, then when we have our Christmas fellowship, we wrap the presents for the children, etc. in time for the holiday. So much fun!

Carrie, your son's birthday party sounds like a lot of fun. One of my grandsons (who is only 5 1/2)loves Indiana Jones. In fact, the talking IJ was one of the things we got him for his birthday in May.

Laura, I rarely get to eat out, but the last place my husband and I went to by ourselves was Texas Roadhouse. I've always had a thing for it!!! I always just plan for that day and save most of my points for the evening that don't have to be used on milk, etc. and have a nice steak or grilled piece of meat, baked sweet potato, and, of course, a salad. Go with your mind made up for what you want to eat and stick with it. Most restuarants have a menu on line that you can go to and a lot of times they have the nutritional value or you can look up points by what you plan to eat. If you have an "extra" something, just allow yourself to do it and stay OP good for the rest of the week.

Pat, you and I are somewhat alike! I have had a goal in mind before my 60th birthday this coming January to be back at goal! I started back to WW two days before my birthday this year...and the tortoise is still hanging in here! My weight has been coming off very slowly, but I am determined! I don't forsee that I will be able to get 20 more pounds off by January 15, but MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! I love the holidays, though, and I will allow myself those x-tra points on certain days! I WILL REACH GOAL WHEN I GET THERE. Had I not set a goal for myself, I don't think I would have had the determination that I've had this go-around! Hang in there, you, too, can do it and we will be fit in our 60's together!!

Didn't mean to write a novel....Hope you had as good of a day as I did. OP all the way...