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Texas Roadhouse - Laura

Hi Laura,

We have Texas Roadhouse here too and it is WONDERFUL. however... it is not very points friendly, but you can work with it. The rolls they bring to the table first are to die for, but they are wicked pointswise and they serve them with honeybutter. You can get a small filet steak, but they do brush them with butter, so you have to ask them to leave that off. They have salad, but it comes automatically with cheese, bacon, egg, and croutons. They have a FF ranch, but it seem WAY rich to me, so I usually ask for oil and vinegar on the side. As for sides, they have baked potatoes and baked sweet potatoes, but they are ENORMOUS. I usually get the sweet potato and take 1/2 home. Also, they but that honeybutter and brown sugar on the potato, so I ask for it plain. They have a mixed veggie side dish, but I was told that it is prepared with a lot of butter and there was no way to get it without butter, because it had already been cooked in the butter.

I hope that helps a little.


Re: Texas Roadhouse - Laura

Thanks a lot Uki, that helps. I've only been there once so I didn't know a lot of that stuff. I thought maybe I would share a meal with hubby, that way I would cut everything in half. I wouldn't eat the rolls because if I eat one that leads to another and another. I do love their croutons though. I think I can do this, not sure when we're going yet.